Headphone Recommendations?

Hello all,

Part of my job entails evaluating potential candidates for hire by watching videotaped samples of their work (signed language interpreting). I watch these with headphones on, but am wondering if anyone can recommend headphones that work well with RITE/RIC hearing aids. Part of my issue is that I have a hard time making out some consonants, which are important.

I’m thinking I’ll need headphones that go over my ears and the aid behind my ear. Wondering if anyone has a brand and model that they’ve found to be effective for this type of use case scenario.


I use Sennheiser HD 280 Pro over my Starkey Halo’s and am pleased with them.

Can you just stream the audio to the aids with a transmitter?

I imagine it’s possible, but I think I’d prefer to hear the lower tones through my natural ear and not through the aid. But I guess we’ll see how comfortable the headphones are for me. If not, I might try the streaming option. I’m getting Oticon Ria2 Pro TI aids on Thursday morning.

I use a streaming device for everything I can. I can hear it better, and understand speech better, than headphones. I also use an Arctic P311, bluetooth headphones. They go up against the ear, not over it. There is a later version, the P324 I think.

I use Bose QC25 on my daily commute. You wont need the active noise cancel in an office although its worth a try if the office is noisy.
I have the streamer which also gives me a remote on/off capability to the HA’s
My method is that I silence the microphones on the HA’s, put the headphones on, and then turn the HA’s back on.
You may get a brief bit of feedback but the Oticons are good with the auto adjustment of the feedback.
There is a difference in the hearing.
Try listening to a track thru the headphones with the HA’s turned off and then halfway thru turn on the HA’s you find the volume gets louder and also the deep bass goes ie your HA’s are picking up the higher frequencies that you natural hearing doesn’t.
The streamer thru the HA’s has good quality, however I find the Bose better, but then I have open domes due to the tinnitus, which I suspect is what alters the quality of streaming for different people.

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I would agree with Weatherwatcher, my mom is also using Bose. but before buying i think you need to check which bose unit is suitable for you. so according to my knowledge QC25 ans QC 15 are best for you. but you need tocheck which is best for you: Read here Bose QC15 VS QC25 : In-depth Comparison

I have been using the Sennheiser RS 195 headphones over Phonak Ambra UP BTE hearing aids. The Sennheisers are rather expensive, big and heavy, but they go on comfortably and easily over the HAs and have massive power! In fact you can set the headphones to provide enough power that you can put aside the HAs and just use the headphones. There are quite a few controls on the base station of the headphones so you can tailor the sound to the type of hearing loss you experience.

Agree with others here - Sennheiser. The ear cups are bigger and much more comfortable if you are going to wear them over aids.

I have one Aftershokz Air Boneconduction Headset since about 1 week.
I am Happy so far with it. This type of headset doue not block the air Canals and i can wear it with the HA and my glasses on. It is comfortable for me.
The Headset is also very light.
I managed to connect it with bluetooth to my Phonak TV Link II and also to my Phone and PC . The sound Quality is not high end but very enjoyable.

I second the aftershokz recommendation. I have a pair and they are great for augmenting mids and highs. If you can hear lower tones naturally, they are the best of both worlds. You can leave your aids in, these won’t interfere, and they leave you able to hear what’s around you, unlike regular headphones: