Having two people listen to audio source (one with hearing aids, one without)

My spouse recently was fitted with an Oticon OPN S2 and Oticon Cros. She is using these devices regularly with iphone or ipad via bluetooth. What is difficult is when we are in a Zoom call together or other situation where we both want to hear. We would like to play the audio from the iphone or ipad through some type of splitter that can broadcast to her hearing aids (probably through a Oticon ConnectClip) and to a bluetooth earphones for me. Has anyone successfully set up this type of arrangement, or have another way to solve this problem? Thank you!

If you have an iPhone and an iPad, then you could join both to the same Zoom call and have one talking to her hearing aids and the other talking to a headset for you, or even let it use its loudspeaker for you and get your wife to turn off her room mics.

The only thing to watch here is that you will have to keep one of the two muted or you will get terrible feedback!

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I don’t do Zoom, but we encountered a similar problem using Google Duo. We solved the problem using a Duo Group. Me with my IPad using MFI and separately using her Android phone.


Thank you for those suggestions. We ran into an echo due to the natural sound and the sound through the system taking different times, but that was using the phone without a headset. I’m also interested in anyone who has done this through a bluetooth splitter.

One way could be to put regular audio splitter, she connects with he clip to it, and you use some BT device that goes into audio jack.

Another way (more expensive probably) is that you use the call on loudspeaker, and she uses remote mic in front of that speaker - effectively gets the stream in her aids.
And there’s no interference of any kind :wink:

I use roger select for that second way, when my partner and I use one phone for video calls with family (whatsapp calls mostly, but it really doesn’t matter since loudspeaker works with all).
Don’t know which mics oticon offers and how they’re called nor how they work with two different devices (opn s2 and cross), but I think it’s worth looking into.

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Thanks for this idea. I purchased a splitter with volume control on each side (iLuv i111) that plugs into the output on my computer (Mac), and I use regular headphones on my side, on my wife’s side I use a bluetooth transmitter (TOKSEL) that connects via bluetooth to the connect clip device by Oticon which is then sync’ed to her OPN S2 HA. It takes about a minute to get this going, but is working really well.

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Did you know that Zoom now has free ‘Live Transcription’ / Closed Caption/ Subtitles ?

It’s only in English, it is already available to paid member and free account members can apply - it takes 2-3 weeks to be processed. Just search the Zoom support pages for ‘Live Transcription’. I will add a link if I am allowed.

It helps in 2 way

  1. People with hearing loss have the extra help with Closed Captions/Subtitles.
  2. People with normal hearing see the transcription and if it is wrong they can modify their speach by speaking slower and clearer.
    Win - Win

Link to detail on Zoom site

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