Having trouble hearing at a distance

Hi, I am wondering if anyone has any input as to why I would be struggleing so bad with hearing people at a distance.

I have a ski slope hearing loss, both ears appx;
250 Normal
500 20
1000 30
2000 40
3000 50
4000 60
6000 70

I am going for some appointments and plan on getting some PHA’s (personal hearing assistants) soon.

But my question is, I am wondering why I have so much trouble at a distance hearing, for example when a neighbor comes out from across the street and asks a simple question, forget it, I’m not going to hear it. Then they can repeat themselves, LOUDLY, I can sense it’s loud, but I STILL don’t get it.

At close range, I hear the person fine when they talk at a NORMAL level and if I miss, I am going to get it for sure on the repeat. But from across the street, I am not even close on the repeat .

Anybody care to shed any light on this?
Thanks in advance.
Mr B