Have you taken online hearing tests? Share your experience

I am writing an article for Hearing Tracker on online hearing tests. If you would like your opinion to be included, please also let me know what your first or first+last name are for the piece. You can also email me at juliametraux@gmail.com with your responses.

Here are some questions you can respond to:

  1. Why did you decide to take an online hearing test?
  2. How was your experience taking the test?
  3. Were your results surprising?
  4. What did you do after receiving the results?
  5. What could have made the test better for you?

I’ve used some of the tools here:


  1. To see more data points than the few an audiologist captures
  2. “Interesting”. It’s nice that you can take longer to get more information, but the lack of calibrated headphones is an issue (though I do have very good ones). I think computer sounds cards are very high quality now, but again calibration and sound level are important, so all you really get are relative results.
  3. No
  4. Printed out (saved PDFs) some test values for posterity.
  5. Good question. I would have to try others to know what improvements would be worthy or not.