Have the new Centra's

Well I have had the new aids for 10 days now. There is good and OK but nothing bad. They help me hear tv and radio more clearly at the lowest volume on the tv than ever before in my life. I hear people very well but have to turn the aids up to 3/4 power. I think I just need voice range increased. I stay in auto most of the time because the other 2 programs can’t be right yet.
Program 2 for dining out and large rooms really pull down the background noise but I can’t voices as clear and sharp as in auto. Porgram 3 we are trying to set up to use on the production floor at the stamping plant where sound averages about 96 db. It pull down everything to a muffle including voices and allows high pitched metal sounds through as well as the rumble of the ventilation system. The opposite of what I think I need.
Love the remote. I like the control it gives me. It doesn’t ever shut though and that seems strange to me. I know all I hear still sounds a little fake at times but am having a hard time putting it into words so we can work on that Monday.
Thought some of you might like a little feed back on what is out there. Would be glad to answer any questions you have and would like any opinions back on my problems or suggestions to take to the fitter Monday.

I just got this Siemens Centra P. I decide not to use the program turn on at the same time with both hearing aids together. I asked my audiologist to do it separate. When it separate, I won’t able to use remote control. I will see how it goes for few weeks without remote control until Oct 31 for my follow up.

It sounds like it has more power than Widex hearing aids. I haven’t test much in program 1 as noise reduction until I get to my job in the morning. My worst area is at my job when I wear my hearing aids. I have to test the program 1 to see if I able to understand people at work. In program 2, it is my TV/Music program. I able to hear little better with this program when I was TV.