Have target 2.0 disk upgrade issue


I upgraded computers to Windows 10 64 bit. My initial Windows 7 32 bit, Target 2. install upgraded at least into the 4. area. When I reinstalled Target 2.0 onto new computer it will not upgrade to later versions. Says server not found. I have Ambra aids that the new install connect to fine, but I have obtained Bolero venture aids that I believe require 5.0 or maybe higher. Does the Target software no longer upgrade online.
I tried to reinstall on a Win 7 32 bit, and it did no better. It connects to aid but still will not upgrade.
I have read some of the sharing software info and could go that way,
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks shan



The update feature still works. But sometimes it does not work between major releases.

Go the the proper place to obtain fitting software.
How to find Fitting Software to Program Your Hearing Aids .
Read the second paragraph about how to obtain the latest version of Target.



Stupid question maybe , My ambra are spice? then there was quest ? then venture? then Belong? then Marvel??? will the latest software version maybe 6.0 , include my old, but new to me. venture aids??
Thanks shannon



Yes, it includes V’s.

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