Have my HAs made me an eavesdropper?

I often eat lunch by myself because I often work alone; it’s the nature of my job. I almost always have something to read and will sit and read while I eat, but today I caught myself trying to listen to the conversations around me and not because I wanted to know what was being said, but because I wanted to know if I could hear what was being said. So, suddenly I have become an eavesdropper because of my aids. Has this happened to anyone else?

During the first week of my HA trial, I got a shock when I walked by the office meeting room - and my gosh! I could hear conversations from inside the room - not loud but audible to make up what was said. Just felt weird :o
Besides this, there are sounds that annoy - like crunching of plastic bags, rattling of coins, flushing of toilets…

So I turned down the volume on my HA. Somehow after sometime my brain starts to adjust and tune them down to more acceptable level especially when psychologically prepared. One of those puzzling moments - adjustment necessary to improve my speech understanding also brought with it unexpected sounds I don’t bargain for :stuck_out_tongue: