Have alot of trouble hearing at work

I’m a 29 year old male and currently have a mild to severe loss in both ears. I used to have resound cics but my loss worsened and now have micro tech radius 12 ITE. I do hear alot better in most all situations but with the increased amplification I have alot of trouble hearing at work. I work in a factory that makes fluid lines for autmotive industry so we pressure test them with air. Throughout the factory we have 50+ machines and can hear this loud sporatic hisses all day that sounds like its going off in my ear and drowns out voices. We also have the radio playing over the pa. If I set my aids to restraunt it takes away to much and I cant hear people speaking. If I set it to traffic I dont see much any difference from regular mode. I am a supervisor so I have to speak with associates often on the floor and I’m getting very frustrated and somewhat depressed with this. Can anything be done to my hearing aids? Any ideas? Thanks

There are aids on the market that have as many as 32 channels of noise suppression…If the hiss noise in the factory is concentrated in only a couple of these noise channels, you might be able to converse with your fellow associates.

All modern aids have some kind of loudness limiter. Ask your professional to reduce the Maximum Output Limiter for the frequency of the hiss on your present aids. Will help some. Ed

I struggled for years working in a factory. My current aids allow me change programs for “noise” and are set to amplify at 2, 3, & 4K about -10dB (from the “quiet” program) and also switch to directional mic. The lower frequencies caused me the most problems on the factory floor so they are set at about -20dB (from the “quiet” program).

My “quiet” settings are omni-directional mic and bring the “lows” back up and boost the highs back from the -10dB noted above.

You might want to talk with your audie about the type of noise you experience at work. Some trial and error may be required but you can do better than what you are describing.

P.S. I work as a manufacturing engineer, am 43 years old, and have moderate to profound loss. :wink:


              Thanks for the advice I set up an appointment to see my audie. Its nice to talk with someone else who has worked in the same situatiuon. It is so hard hearing out on the shop floor! I feel almost totally deaf. I put my cics back in for one day which helped with the hissing but at the same time I realized up close talking to people there were some individuals I just totally couldnt understand because they dont have enough power. Cant wait to see my audie soon!


maybe it will be worth using an instrument that learns volume control…

Most premium instrument do have the avility to learn volume control preferences

by the way, maybe a remote control should be consider to

Coach purses


I agree with xbulder. A volume control and remote are nice features. I have a wheel volume control and program button on both my BTEs and a remote that can change programs and volume level.

I don’t use the remote or the volume control much but they are nice to have when you need them. I switch programs from “noise” to “quiet” to “t-coil” regularly throughout the day using the program button on my aids.

Good luck and let us know how things work out for you.