Hasta la vista, babies

Someone recently mentioned that it might be good to accede to my departing wish not to re-post content that I created.

  • I have no such departing wish

If anyone wants to takeover my DIY Help threads then you are welcome to do so, and you are also welcome to use my content. Just try not to do it word for word, letter for letter, line for line, to the letter, literally, exactly, precisely, in every detail. You know, verbatim (like I asked before). Instead, you should strive to make up and post your own content, perhaps using my content as a starting point.

Why you may ask? Well for starters (as you have already seen, and as-explained to the verbatim poster via email) unexpected results occur when you re-post something you don’t fully understand. Also, my content will become (out-of-date, obsolete, incomplete) and it will do so quickly. Perhaps some of you don’t understand the maintenance that was involved.

Oh I recently tried a brief stint as an answer-bot. But that didn’t work out! One argument after another. So I deleted my recent answer-bot posts.

Happy self programming.

Instead of a departing wish here’s a departing song;

So long and thanks for all the fish.



It’s too bad you can’t find a way to stick around and deal with herding cats, as stressful as it might be. You’re a supersmart person and tech and hearing aids seem to be in your blood. Your weekend “kick back and relax” pictures were very beautiful and entertaining and generated a bunch of interesting discussion. My previous comments on allowing OTC fitting discussion on the forum someday or any potential liability of DIY advice and the wisdom were not directed at you or your character but were my wrong surmise of what I thought the forum owners/administrators might want out of the forum and its structure. I’m sorry if you took it as a personal attack on you - it was more of a comment on how I thought the forum owners regarded any discussion of self-fitting and what they wanted you to do.

All the best. And it’s too bad if you depart for good. You helped a lot of people and I’m sure with your knowledge and expertise have the potential to help a lot more. Dealing with people who don’t want to see things your way is a different can of worms, though, e.g, the Noah stuff - great blackboard writing meme, though!


Thank you for your many informative posts over the years.
I think you went over and beyond the call of duty to enlighten
the community.
I personally benefited several times from your posts, and I thank you
for them.
I wish you the best, PVC.
ps - the young lady was pretty close to doing a moon walk.


Thanks, and good luck to all of you. I harbor no ill feelings to anyone, except for my professional shill from a couple of years past, (cszoom1).

Self-programming is not that difficult if you are able to avoid a few common pitfalls when you begin, and then slowly learn to get comfortable with a large number of software settings.

Oh (above all) be nice to each other! Avoid using transient blackboard memes to make your point :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Oh, that is too bad we don’t have your links and knowledge anymore :(. I really appreciate all your help and clear guidance. I relied on your instructions to start my journey as a DIYer. I wish you well.