HAs zeroing in specific frequencies



New to HAs. Repeated visits to my audi has not resulted in acceptable performance. Frequencies which were near gone continue to be so.

Before my last audiogram with in-the-canal speakers, my many tests used headphones which covered the ear. With digital HAs now adjustable at specific frequencies, why are they not adjusted or checked by using over-the-ear headphones in a standard hearing test? If without hearing aids my 2K level is 55 dB, can’t my hearing aid be adjusted to amplify that frequency until I “hear” it in the more normal range of 20dB?

Thank you for your feedback.


That’s basically what happens. Say you have a 55 db loss at 2k. A 50 db sound coming in would not be loud enough, so 50 db input would be raised somewhat, say 15 db of gain, to get it into the range where you can hear it.

New hearing aids have three sets of gain, one for low input (50 db), one for medium sounds (65 db) and one for loud sounds (80 db).

At a particular frequency soft sounds would get more gain than medium sounds or loud sounds. You can ask for soft sound to be boosted without raising medium or loud sounds. I normally have to have a couple of adjustments to soft sounds.


Thanks Don. It’s never been explained to me. Think I’ll visit another audi and ask to have a confirming audiogram to see if the specific frequencies are truly being adjusted.


Adding my own two-cents’ worth: also have the dome or mold on your aids checked. If you’ve got the wrong kind of dome (for receivers-in-ear) or custom mold that does not fit, you won’t get optimal sound.

If you have the silicone domes, try putting your fingers in your ear to really press the domes in deeper. Can you hear better now? Cuz that’s what I find. The trick is to get the slippery silicone domes to STAY PUT. I’ve resorted to literally taping the wire right onto my ears (using 3M medical tape) to ensure that the domes STAY PUT.