Has Widex Given Up on Power Aids?

Last I checked Widex main power aid (or advertised) power aid was Widex Dream or Widex Dream Fashion. Yet in Widex own “milestone” ground breaking decade report the Dream came out in 2015. So seriously are we talking five plus years since Widex has upgraded or (more) importantly totally replaced the Dream? Just because Widex adds “fashion” to the Dream aid name doesn’t mean much, since its still the same aid.

So just curious if anyone knows if Widex gave up on power hearing aids (which they used to be a leader in) and are now concentrating of other areas of hearing loss?


As far as I know, widex makes hearing aids for mild to moderate hearing loss

Widex offers the Fashion Power for severe hearing losses. The newest model at the minute is the Evoke Fashion Power. They haven’t yet released the new BTEs on their latest Moment range but I would expect them to land sometime this year. The Fashion Power isn’t really designed to handle profound losses. If someone has a severe to profound loss with no contra-indications like wet ears, we can use the Fusion aid which is a RIC (Receiver In Ear) with a high power receiver enclosed in a custom mould. They have released the Fusion model on the Moment range but they have changed the name to RIC 312. It can work well but it depends on the loss. It covers most sensorineural severe to profound losses well but might struggle with conductive severs to profound losses.

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And as an aside, the last Widex Super Power aid to come.out was the Super, which was based on the Clear platform, that was in 2010 I think. The only manufacturer that really updates Super Power aids on a regular basis is Phonak with their Naida range.

Don’t Oticon and Resound have pretty recent Super/Ultra Power aids?


I used to use Phonak Niada V some time ago and moved to Siemens/Signia RIC when they had a reciever that fit my small canal. I liked them OK, but just moved back to the Phonak Niada M-90. I have always used custom earmolds even with RIC. I must say, the Phonak Niada M-90 is the best I have had. They are larger than some, since they are BTE with telecoil and 13 battery, but that does not bother me. I do like the reliability of BTE over RIC. I also like the Bluetooth compatibility.

Your low frequency is below mine, but my HF is below yours. I would put the Phonak Naida Marvel on the list to try.

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I am digesting this discussion about Widex hearing aids. I am in the midst of a trial period with a set of Widex Evoke (Premium / 440 … BTE). My previous pair were Oticon OTEs, which I purchased in 2012, I have been a little disappointed with the Widex that I am trying. Now that medical offices are opening back up, I will soon go back to my audiologist to discuss (I respect and trust her expertise and insights very much.) On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is very minimal, 10 is very profound / severe, and 5 is moderate, my hearing loss might be a 6 or 6.5. My hearing circumstances are complicated by the fact that I have tinnitus (always there, pretty much, … but fairly low level) and periodic episodes of vertigo. So any insights that others have on Widex vs. Oticon would be appreciated. Thank you. Brian

Thanks for update. I’ll be looking out for the BTE Widex Moment later this year hopefully with a 675 battery and other goodies. For what ever reason I think Widex merger with Sivantos created a serious impact on future Widex HA roll-outs. Hopefully the company can get back to its old ways and “lead” in hearing aid technology versus just following the heard. Starting to wonder though if maybe the 2019 merger did more damage then good in the “short term”.

Resound, Phonak and Oticon did, MDB!

I’ve tried a lot of different brands recently and Widex stood out to me as having the best speech processing and clarity.

The model I tried was the Evoke Fashion Power BTE 440 and while I liked how speech sounded with it, it wasn’t powerful enough for me. Are there any more powerful models that Widex makes or plans to release in the near future, with streaming to iPhone or Android phones?

It’s just going to be speculation about what might be coming from Widex or any other manufacturer. Recommend though that you put your audiogram in your profile so that folks can assist more readily. If the Widex Power BTE isn’t powerful enough, that doesn’t leave much room in current hearing aids. There’s also the Phonak Naida Marvel and the GN Resound Enzo 3D/Q (I have a Q9 with my CI).

Thanks. I’m currently trialing the Resound Enzo Quattro 9. Have already tried Naida Marvel, Oticon Xceed 1 (extended trial of a more powerful version is up next), Signia Motion 13P, Widex Evoke Fashion Power.

Widex seemed to have the best speech quality, so I wanted to see if they offer anything else before crossing it off the list.

How has the Q9 been for you? It doesn’t sound as clear as my old Signia Pure PX7 or the Widex for me, no matter how many adjustments we’ve made.

It’s fine. I can understand some speech. I’m really not expecting much; just a stop-gap until I go bilateral.

When I worked for Widex they never seemed that keen on SP/UP aids, and the one they did bring out a few years ago (super) was a pretty poor instrument and had lots of reliability issues. They are now joined with Sivantos who do make SP/UP aids, so whether this changes anything in regards to future devices my guess is as good as yours

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