Has the Delta 8000's been discontinued?

I ask this question because I recently was fitted for a pair and have had them about a week. So far so good, but things sure seem “tinny”. After doing a lot of reading, it seems like maybe the Duals would be the way to go. My hearing loss is mainly upper end so I do understand hearing high frequencies I probably forgot about. Went in for an adjustment yesterday and the audiologist just went from number 3 to number 2 on the adaptability part of the program. I hope this is making some sense. I’m very new to all of this. Thanks

If i were you i would swap them for Dual mini m9 witch is same size, but with more features.
I wanted them, but opted to little larger Dual XW because wireless and more feature (its epoq in delta shape), streamer and so…

Deltas are inferior to minis m9 and cost about the same.

Take a look here… http://www.hearingaidforums.com/showthread.php?t=3919

In the UK only the Delta 4000 seems to still be on the market.

However … if you visit a store with a strong Oticon connection I suspect you might be recommended one of the discontinued models … possibly without being advised and at an undiscounted price … :frowning:

Unsold stock is no use in a factory warehouse!

Same was here in Croatia. I was offered Epoq and Deltas. At regular price. Then i contacted central and they send duals. Same price like epoq. And deltas was same like minis…

I supose its not bussines where customers are not on internet and its easy to sold as new because ppl dont know relase dates and if there is better (newer) ones.

I want to thank those who responded to my question. It just seems to me since I am just starting to wear HA’s, I would rather get the most current technology, not last years. I go again for another adjustment next Monday and plan to talk to her about the Duals. As I mentioned, at the last adjustment she moved the adaptive manager from 3 to 3. The highs are not so loud now, but I find I am saying “pardon me” more than before. As I’m sure most of you are aware, this is all new to me and there is a learning curve. But with the help of all the posts on this forum I think I am learning. The amazing thing is I sometimes forget I even have these in and it’s only been about a week and a half. Anyway, thanks again for the advice and I’ll let you know how it goes on Monday.

I would not stay with those Deltas under any circumstance unless they are being sold to you at a deeply discounted price. Even then i am not sure if that would be a good choice on your part ?
Your Audi should be completely up front with you if they have not explained the difference to you already . Even without asking the question the information should been presented to you by the Audi. If this is the case and the info was not presented to you i highly recommend you do some solid research on your own before ever purchasing a set of Hearing Aids from this Audi . Buyer Beware in this case . You owe to yourself !

Blackmamba is absolutely correct! Please beware if this Audi is not being up-front with you!

If I understand your initial post correctly, you have a low frequency loss? I have the same. Only a small percentage of HOH people have a low frequency loss compared to those with High Freq losses. I understand that fitting a low freq loss is much different than fitting a high freq loss. It takes a SKILLED and patient audi to fit our loss properly and pleasantly for the client. As clients, we should expect that it MIGHT take a few extra visits to work out the bugs.

Low freq loss client “complaints” tend to be unique as well. HAs can sound more tinny to us. Some of us may experience occlusion effect (our own voice booms/head in a barrel). Another, unique thing that occurs when fitting a low freq loss is, the more you boost gain on the lower frequencies, the high frequencies can become masked.
Maybe, as your audi is incrementing the Adaptability feature from 2 to 3, this boost in lows is having a negative effect on the amplification of the highs?

I’m not a professional… if you post your audiogram somebody with more experience might better help you with what’s going on.

Isnt that problem if you block canal with aid to peoples who have good hearing in low?
Because it is bone conduction and low tones amplify betwen aid and drum.

I met with my audi yesterday and I think I am going to trial a pair of the Dual XW’s. My hearing loss is mainly in the upper frequencies, but after discussion with her, she thought I might like them. Difference in price is “really” not that much more than the Delta 8000’s which is what I am trying now. I work in an animal hospital so things can go from quiet to bedlam in the blink of an eye noise wise.

Yes, Razno, the occlusion also occurs when the canal is blocked with good low freq hearing.


Occlusion can happen to those of us with poor low freq hearing too. It did in my case. After reading up on it, I think the combination of a CIC with improper venting and the audi cranking up the gain on the low freqs did for me. I’ll never know for sure, as she refused to make ajustments or try to relieve the booming in any way.

I appologize, I DID mis read your post. I didn’t mean to hi-jack the thread with the low freq stuff!

I hope you love your Duals!! :cool: