Has Phonak changed the form factor of customs significantly?

Hi, all,

First, thanks to those who gave me a quick and helpful response to my last post.

I’m still trying to adjust to my new Phonak Virto-M customs. One thing that I’ve n oticed that seems to be making things significantly different is that the saft of the aid that goes into my ear canal is much smaller than it was on my Virto-B customs. It’s the same from top to bottom, but from front to back of my ear, it’s probably half the thickness. This obviously doesn’t fill the ear as much and results in not getting as full and rich of a sound. I’m trying to compensate for that with the aid’s settings, but it’s continuing to be a struggle, and it really does seem to affect my speech comprehension, especially in noisy situations.

My audiologist knew of nothing different in the way they shape the part of the aid that goes in the ear. He simply said they’re made to match my exact anatomy from the molds that he took. I understand that much, but I also know my ear canal hasn’t shrunk that much in five years since I got the Virto-B aids.

Can anyone tell me if they know if Phonak is making the shafts of the aids thinner? My audiologist offered to send them back to have the shells remade, but if they’re just going to come back the same, that seems pointless. Since he fits very few customs, I’m guessing he hasn’t seen a lot of them lately to know if there’s a change. I suspect some of you might know, though.

Thanks. Any insights welcomed.

I’d ask your fitter to get a Phonak expert involved in the discussion to explain the difference. I have no explanation, but doesn’t sound right to me.

I’ve run into cases where the person making the aid based on the mold doesn’t get it right. Insist that they be remade

Thanks, all. You’ve given me some encouragement here. I’ll ask that they be remade. He offered, but I wanted to make sure that this wasn’t an intentional design change first.