Has anyone used Otter and a Phonak Roger System to understand meetings?

Has anyone used Otter to understand what is being said in meetings at work?

I’ve used it with my current job but am wondering if I could attach a Roger to my iPod Touch and it transcribe what is coming through the Roger?

I know I’ll have to link 2 x suitable Rogers for it to maybe work.

I currently don’t have 2 x Rogers to try it out.

I’m just about to be reaccessed for equipment needed at work for my deafness.

EDIT- I think it’ll be a Phonak Roger Touchscreen Mic that would work as that has various settings for recording etc. I’ll investigate more.

I don’t know about Otter or Roger system. But I have a very good friend who is bimodal and is a personal assistant to some big Whig in the US. She has downloaded Ava onto both of their IOS phones. Her boss is in Another room conducting the meeting, with Ava open and working. She’s at her desk with Ava open and it’s transcribing the discussions from the meeting for her to type up.
Don’t know if this is of any help or not.


Thanks. I’ll look all this up :slight_smile:

You can use live transcribe apps, human ones or AI if you have Android.

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