Has anyone tried Vacuum Ears Cleaner?

Has anyone tried this vacuum Ears Cleaner, from Flash/ Discount at £16.99 please.

My ears make a lot of wax. It not only blocks my ears, but sometimes it is quite runny, and runs down he canal, and blocks my hearing aid several times a day.

I have been using the Medigrade ear flusher. But it’s not too successful, most of the time.

I had runny wax for a good few years and when I went to ENT, I was told it’s because I’m allergic to that type of ear mould. Since changing the ear mould material, I don’t get runny wax anymore.

Hi Zebras.

Iv’e had these moulds for a few years now, and it’s only been in the last six months that it’s been runny.

I take you point, and see how I go thanks.

Don’t waste your money. I tried one at it was worthless. Debrox and a good flush bulb work the best.


Hi DrBob.

Thanks for your reply.

The wax is runny, but will not flush out with my MediGrade washer, so I don’t think a bulb will be any different. I use Bicarb, which is the same as Debrox. So i’m a little stuck!!

I’ve never used them. I’m always afraid it might suck out my brain, although some people might question if that’s a bad thing

Hi hass5744.

From what I have read in reviews, your brain is safe. However. I am going to have to do something, even trying one of them. You can get your money back, if you arn’t satisfied.

I don’t understand why there are so many of these advertised, if they don’t do something useful.

So still wondering, after another day of waking up with an ear full of wax, and no hearing…

You do know you can go to a Dr to get the wax removed. If nothing else that will get you a starting point. i mean if your wax is that embedded it might be best to have someone do the cleaning that can see what they’re doing. Then you can use the vacuum for maintenance

Hi hass5744.

Yes you can, but with an ear full of wax, having to wait possibly a week of more, is not going to happen.

I need an instant cure, to be able to function…