Has anyone tried Google Meet with live captioning?

Just saw where there is now “Google meet” in Gmail with live captioning. Anyone try it out yet? I assume all users would have to have gmail?

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It is really cool it is part of google hangout. It a get way to hold meetings and talk to friends face to face. The only problem I have with it is it can be choppy. I like to use zoom better. Both have close captain and are easy to use. I have been able to use both very well. Hope this helps answer you questions.

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I have used both Google Meet and Microsoft Teams captioning. They both work well for being automatic captioning. Neither are perfect. I had a 90 minute meeting on Google Meet this past Sunday with the Med-El HearPeers forum for our monthly coffee talk. I was out for a walk for about half the time and it worked great. I do wish I could make the captioning area bigger though, it’s a little hard to read on the phone screen.

The thing most folks don’t realize about Zoom is that the captioning is not automatic; it’s being typed by a human being.


I like them all I had great luck using them. It depends on what you are using them for. They all have there good point and bad points like you said. I have to use what is allowed by law. Sometimes your allowed to use zoom sometimes Google hangout sometimes Microsoft meet. In this age of remote work these are some great tools. The only problem I had with google hangout is it had a tendency to be choppy and break up not really sure why it did that. I also found it had less tools. Zoom had great ability to interact do to more tools. Once the secretary issues where addressed it was really nice. The human close caption was a short comings for zoom where the others where automatically done. I liked the automatic better for privacy issues. I heard they where to add voice recognition to replace the human element. Don’t know if they got to that with everything else they had to deal with. Meet was rock solid and was very useful the only problem was it did not have all the tools I needed.
The program feature I found most useful was the close caption but also the dual screen that allows me to see the person talking. Then you can use the facial clues when talking. I agree with you it be nice if could enlarge the captioning. It has been an interesting adventure so fare. I like that I get to use all the major programs so I see what is good and not so good for each program. My biggest problem is just remembering who uses what program. Then adapting it to my needs was pretty easy. Thanks for the feedback it was nice to talk to you.

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That’s fantastic. Thanks for that info.

Edit: Confused. Closed captioning

Allow host to type closed captions or assign a participant/third party device to add closed captions