Has anyone tried Gingko Biloba as a possible source for increasing hearing?

So, Ive actually read on a wikipediapage that this Gingko has been proved in a study to increase hearing and also can help with Tinnitus (which I have in one ear).
Does anyone have any experience with this?

I’ve read similar claims about acupuncture. Have no experience with either, but would like to hear others’ experiences as well.

I heard and read this as well. I started taking these 2 weeks ago and so far notice no improvement.

It has been around for a long time. If it worked the drug companies would refine an active ingredient, give it a new name and make a fortune selling it. Hearing aids would drop drastically in price and be the inferior solution. I don’t see that happening. Always check where Wikipedia sites as the source for its information to check the reliability of the source.

Just flicked through the Wikipedia page and it does not make any such claims and refutes the one about tinnitus as unfounded.

I’ve been taking Ginkgo Biloba daily for over 30 years. I added it to my vitamin / supplement regimen back when I was in my mid 30’s after reading an article about it being a herbal supplement to enhance memory and mental alertness by promoting brain function through healthy circulation and blood flow etc. I was a health nut at the time, biking and running marathons while at the same time my wife’s family had several elder members dealing with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. So we both started taking Ginkgo just to be on the safe side. Prior to reading your post I’d never heard of any claims that it could increase hearing or helping with Tinnitus.

Anyway… I suffer from hearing lost and Tinnitus. I started seeking help for Tinnitus when I was in my early 20’s after 4 years of military service. The ringing in my ears was making me crazy. After several visits to the ear doctor and audiologists I was told it was due to years of exposure to jet engine noise during my military service … and loud rock music as a kid. I was first diagnosed (informed of hearing loss) when in my mid 30’s which was also blamed on improper hearing protection during my youth. While I’m happy to report my wife and I, (both pushing 70) are as still as sharp as ever mentally… I’m afraid my hearing loss has only continued to get worse from year to year. My last full blown hearing test was at age 61. I was told I should look into hearing aids. I was shocked and asked the audiologists “Is my hearing really that bad?” … he responded… “I’ve tested 80 year old’s with better hearing than you!”

I now have trouble understanding conversations and miss most spoken dialog on TV which is the reason I’m perusing this forum. NET: After 30 years of daily use I can personally say Ginkgo Biloba has done absolutely nothing for my Tinnitus nor to improve my hearing… or even keep it from declining.:frowning:

How much you take?

Well… because the FDA has yet to evaluate the medical claims and /or benefits of Ginkgo and because a “Daily Value” has not been established I elected to stay on the safe end of the recommend dosage and only take 120mg once a day. I’ve read the recommended dosage for folks with dementia was 40 milligrams 3 times a day (or 120mg daily). For improving brain function in healthy folks the dosage varies from 120mg to 600gg a day. Since a daily value has yet to be established and since most studies suggested starting with a low dose of 120mg once a day that’s what I’ve always stuck with to that. Granted… some studies have shown improvements for tinnitus but only when it is from a vascular origin while other studies report it does nothing for tinnitus. As mentioned earlier, I only started taking it for the rumored cognitive benefits, not for hearing or tinnitus. Although I’ve never had a reason to be concerned, due to the published side effects of Ginkgo I’ve never been inclined to increase the dosage beyond 120mg.