Has anyone trialed the new Siemens/Sivantos Primax aids?

It seems like it has been a couple of months since the Primax line was announced. Are they available for audis to order yet? Any feedback about how their performance compares to the Binax line? Thanks.

I’m a first time hearing aid user but I currently have the 7px primax/pures from Signia.

I’m not sure there is anything else specific I can say - it’s nice being able to hear! I need to get some different tulip sizes as the ones I have like to fall out.

I tried the 3px, 5px and now the 7px of Pure Primax. I like them so much better than the Phonak Audeo V70 which I had tried too, because of several factors (have a look at the thread I opened where I am explaining the details). I don’t know the binax, however, and I am a newbie, so probably you cannot really rely on my opinion. But I really love them.

I will be getting my 7px set (finally!) this Wednesday. I had to wait to get them due to a job (and thus benefits) change. I did a demo (not really trial) of them, the Phonak Audeo, and a Widex model (not sure which one) in the audi office. To me, with the same minimal adjustment on each, the voice quality was so much more natural on them compared to the others - it really was an amazing difference. As we were talking, I fairly quickly forgot I was even wearing them, because the audi sounded so natural. The Widex to me were very tinny and unnatural, and the Phonak was somewhere in the middle.

I’ll report back once I’ve had them a while, but I’ll be leaving on vacation to Jamaica 3 days after I get them, and they are staying home, so it’ll be a while. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your responses, everyone! What I’m hoping to hear about is if one’s ability to comprehend speech is significantly better with the Primax’s than with prevoius-generation aids. Of course, having voices, etc. sound natural is important, but I am mostly interested in improvement in speech intelligibility. For a lot of users natural sound and speech intelligibility are two different things. An improvement in one does not necessarily mean there will be improvement in the other.
I currently wear Phonak Audeo Q90’s that I got at the end of 2013. The Phonaks still work OK, and they are a major improvement over unaided hearing, but I really feel that I might be able to achieve better speech comprehension than I currently have. If these latest generation aids are really significantly better I will bite the bullet and spend several thousand dollars out of pocket to replace the Phonaks. I’m just trying to get some feedback before I start trialing any new aids.

Sorry, these will be my first aids, so unfortunately I can’t comment on that specifically. Good luck, whatever you decide!

I have a pair of the Signia Pure Primax 7px with custom earmolds and I really enjoy them. I can’t speak to the differences between the Primax and the Binax but the richness in sound between the Primax and my former Widex aids is remarkable – the sound actually sounds somewhat natural. Additionally, I feel like there is also a marked improvement in speech intelligibility, especially in complex listening situations and the urban environment. It’s still difficult at times, but there are social situations that I’m ok with now that I would not have wanted to navigate by myself in the past (weddings, fundraising dinners, etc.)

RainyJay, when you speak of your previous Widex aids, what model of Widex did you have? How long ago did you get those Widex aids? I am asking because I figure if they were 7-year-old Widex aids the Primax aids could be expected to sound much better due to great advancements in technology in that 7-year period. If the Widex aids were only a couple of years old, the improvement with the Primax aids would suggest a real revolutionary advance compared to very recent technology. Thanks!

You might want to compare to Oricon Opn which is a major breakthrough to me, moving from Oticon Alta Pro of 3 years prior. I’d love to hear how Signia Primax compare as I just got the Opn.

I totally missed this response. Sorry! The Siemens aids did replace my 7ish-year-old Widex aids… I don’t have a sense of how they would compare to more recent technology. Did you ever end up trialing them?

Is the Signia Primax hearing aid the same as the Siemens Pure Binax 7? The descriptions use new words but is this just marketing for the device under different ownership?

It’s all marketing and smoke and mirrows… all the new aids are GPS trackable they know where you are and have been