Has anyone trialed Signia Pure Charge&Go 7X?

has anyone tried these out or bought them? any info. would be appreciated… also I was looking at their app what exactly does sound balance do? any info. on how good their charge and go system is and how long a charge lasts?

I have the KS8 aids which are essentially the same as the 7Nx aids which are the predecessors of the X series. My understanding is that the main technical difference is that there is a built in motion detector. In the 7Nx the aids communicated with a smart phone to use the motion detector in the phone. I would expect the built in detector could be more reliable and obviously would be an improvement for someone that did not even have a smart phone. The motion detection is one of the 3 D’s in their 3D Classifier. It seems like a good idea, but I would say the benefits are more subtle than earth shaking. Lets just say the world does not end if I shut off my smartphone. They still sound pretty good. Overall I do find that the main Automatic program really does address most situations, so perhaps it works better than I give it credit for.

On the app I have heard they dumbed it down a lot. I don’t know the details though. For the existing app, I mainly use it for changing programs, and changing the microphone focus – a useful feature.

Hope that helps some.

The sound balance is the bass and treble. I’m not happy with the new app. It is extremely slow in connecting to TV streamer/ BT. I can’t change volume with my phone when I open the app. I have to move the volume icon up and down. It is bad. Signia customer ppl even told me that the TV streamer connection needs work. The whole dang app needs work. I’d be interest in any reviews of Charge snd Go too since I have Signia HA Pure 13BT.

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U13BT is just size 13 nbattery no other difference from other pure

My husband has them, and he’s not coping at all well with them… I keep telling him they need adjustments…sharp sounds, feed back, volume to loud etc. He took a shower with them last night, he doesn’t have a drying box, so I put them in my CI drying box for a few hours… SIGH!

Edit -The battery only lasts about 12 hours. You still need to purchase a drying box as the charger is way to slow in drying the aids if you get caught in a really heavy rain or have any sort of water mishap.

At one point recently my audiologist had me delete the older “myControl” app and install the latest one. I strongly disliked the results, thus returned to myControl for Signia Stylettos Connect. Now I’m a very happy camper once more.

My situation is somewhat unique. Although “Universal” is my main setting, I need “Cafe” daily (no, it isn’t for dropping in at Starbucks or something optional.) I use “Musician Setting” daily, “Live Music” several times a week, “Recorded Music” daily. For videos and some programs on TV, other places I get excellent audio quality using “Cinema and Theater.” I’ve occasionally used “Stroll” and am amazed by how well it actually works in crowded situations where I’m in conversation with just one person and we’re in motion.

BTW, I’m using a Yamaha soundbar and a subwoofer with my TV, not directly connected to TV w/ HA.

My only concern is when the old app becomes obsolete this Spring is that I’ll be handicapped in more situations than not. Theoretically I should be wearing ChargeNGo NX7 and did trial them for a few weeks at same time I trialed the Stylettos. Preferred Stylettos. My audiologist has ordered the newer “X” which was to arrive this week but hasn’t. Really from just what I’ve read I don’t see the advantage in X over NX for me. I’ll report back when I’ve trialed those. Doubt they’d lure me away from Stylettos Connect 7.

However, truth is…I’m not pleased at all with the thought features in myControl app are destined to no longer work at some point in Spring 2020. Still within the time frame for return. I’m considering jumping ship, trialing Oticon. This is turning into a long running experiment. Hearing is so vital in my current setting and life I want to make the smartest choice.

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Thank you Carolo. I thought the old app was already gone. I’ve been having a terrible time w/ my aids. I’m going to hook into the old app and see if it makes a difference. Those programs that you use, are they set up by your Audi ? Thank you.

If using iPhone, go to App Store, download myControl and all those I mentioned plus several more are already in the app! My audiologist did not change a thing.:grinning:

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My thought is that the app won’t go (I hope!) obsolete as it will be needed for the older hearing aids. However the older app may not connect to the X version of the aids.

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I downloaded MyControl. Oh man, it was like going home. It’s a great app - so much better than the new one. I’m confused about your other programs/apps you mentioned. ‘Cafe’ ‘Recorded Music’ etc. How do you find in Apo Store. I do have an iPhone. What name of app. Also, I use Universal program as primary, but your Audi maybe initially set up those other programs for you ?!? Thanks

Normally the Cafe, Cinema & Theater, and Group Conversation get included with the app. See my setup below. Signia names may differ slightly from the Rexton ones, but are the same. The other programs have to be set up by the fitter. There should be a choice of about 10 different programs to choose from in the fitting software.

I have a pair of demo.s signia pure charge and go 7x I’ve been wearing for about 5 days… I’ve used 5 of the 6 prog, on the new app… all except the tv streamer still waiting for audi to get it in… i’m not very impressed with the battery life, i wear my HA;s about 15/16 hrs. a day and each nite so far app tells me battery life is low but the ha’s are still working… my worry is that once I start tv streaming they will die out in the evening since I stream tv 4/5 hrs. on an average night, and that’s use is much higher on the weekends with football games… I still am running the initial s/u on new HA’s and will go in for adjustments early next week… i find that I mostly like the outdoor sport setting and am using it when ever away from home… they seem to have a very good wind setting since I spend many hours outdoors and I have yet to hear a crackle in winds about 10/15 mph in the fla. afternoons… the universal app is similar but it seems that I pick up way to much noise/commotion from behind me and I did try using the directional hearing part of the app and shutting down my back side it did seem to help a great deal but don’t like having to adjust it all the time… I will talk to audi next week about this… when I go indoors i switch to the reverberant rooms prog. and when using either prog. i tone down the sound bal. to -3 which I will have my audi set to that next week…
over all I do like these and believe I’m hearing better than with the resound quattros I have been wearing for about 18 mos… I’m not sure if it’s because they are demos but when I open my app and they sync to my ha’s it takes on avg. 45 sec. to hook up. which is about 35 sec. longer than my quattros

I will post again after I receive the tv streamer and my next fitting adjustment next week

Those settings I mentioned are in the “myControl” app, all the options I’ve needed and two I haven’t tried yet as well. What I see is very similar to the image Sierra posted…just some change in names on labels.

My ukulele group met this afternoon. Using just “Musician” setting the entire time I could hear the distinct difference in one of the ukes identical to mine but having a different set of strings for instance. I could hear everyone’s voice. I used to enjoy these Mondays but found it tiring because I was working so hard to guess at sounds, at words, at voices. Now instead of that it’s energizing. I’m not even aware I’m hearing impaired.

My only concern is how I’ll manage when the software on this app is discontinued. Will it be like Windows terribly out of date on a PC or running an old MacBook from 2011 that can no longer download the updates? It’s way more than just the direction sound is coming from that I need. It’s imperative that I make the determination and not my hearing aids themselves. For instance I notice a huge difference between “Live Music” and “Musician.” Also “Theater/Cinema” is vastly different from “Universal.”

My audi wants me to trial the new “X” because of my level of hearing loss. Originally this was to happen tomorrow but he hasn’t received the HA yet, so perhaps Thursday. The Signia ChargeNGo X7 will be using the new app. This is going to be extremely interesting. (Either that or terribly depressing!)

My Stylettos were a disappointment, a failure, when used with new app. They’re magic using myControl.
I got clarification today on our favorite myControl app as well as Signia’s new app. Basically what we have with myControl will merge into the new app that we found currently so lacking. Signia will then just have one app to update. I’m told no worries about losing the very features and “real ear sound” I’m so happy with in “myControl.”
The new ChargeNGo X7 will be in my ears Thursday afternoon. I’ll report back over the weekend on them.
My battery power was low by early evening. A mere 20 minutes back in the case for the Stylettos ran the battery charge right back up! (Really impressed by Stylettos and small charging case!)

My Stylettos run out of battery life hours before my day is done. (Perhaps it’s a hint that I’m to go to bed early?) Seriously, I have to plan ahead and recharge HA during the day. Heaven help me if the evening involves music, even worse if it’s a Saturday with multiple football games. This seems to be the only downside of not having to change batteries.

Sorry to note even the new X exhibits the same low battery before you’re ready to call it a day.

My husband has these Signia charge and go. He gets around 12 hours of battery life from his, which is pretty poor. I said this to the Aud she said no this is very good. I just said if that’s very good I’d hate to see poor and left it at that.

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@carolo, have you considered the slightly older 7Nx 312 aids that are not rechargeable? I would expect they are still available, and perhaps at lower prices… I don’t see any reason why they would discontinue the full myControl app that is used with them.

I’m LOL. I was just at my Audi yesterday and inquired about charge & Go HAs battery length of time. She told me they were good for 19 hours. :crazy_face:. The appt is a whole nother story got a later time. :unamused:

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i was wearing the resound quattro for 18 mos. and they by far have the best rechargeable system… I wear ha’s avg. of 15hrs a day and stream on avg of 5 hrs a day… weekend streaming with football can be up to 8/9 hrs…and still never came close to draining the batteries… avg. was 40% chg. left… I’m now demoing the signia 7x charge and go … i went for my first adjustment after wearing them 8 days and the program collecting data on how I like to hear…
I wasn’t really thrilled with initial set up… after adj. although only been 1 day I am very pleased (so far) with the change… in their universal programs the initial set up I always had a soft roar like being at the beach in the background and had to adj. each programs volume and sound balance… after my adj. tuesday there was a huge difference on quality of sound… as far as re-charge only have used streamer 2 nites and after 5hrs streaming it showed batteries as drained and a red light when I put in charger at the end of nite… they did not stop streaming though… after a few more days i will post an update

My Stylettos charge/recharge in a short time. I really would benefit from a planned “time out” of 20 to 30 minutes out of my all too long days. Thanks for the thought, ‘tho. I’m preferring the recharging ones.

Same with new Signia X I’ve had over a day now. Not fully set up yet. Will do that Wednesday. Definitely plan to report back!

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The Stylettos are pretty thin. How are you liking them fitting behind your ear.