Has anyone trialed Signia CIC hearing aids?

Does anyone tried Signia Cic hearing aids? I don’t want to wear BTE hearing aid, it hard to get reviews on CIC hearing aid.

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Signia CIC is very good very good.

I found a model that show the mic above the battery door, I tried the Phonak Virto M 90 I don’t like the hollow sound and they made my vent too big too. So I am thinking of the Signia Hearing aid, I hope it’s a wireless programming hearing aid too.

What is more important for you?the sound quality or the size?

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CIC 10 sound quality I hoping I can have it Linear sound with all the features turn off. Possibility DSL formula or NAL-R if possible with moderate power. Hopefully I can locate sound around me too.

Signia CIC is very good and can cover most of hearing loss degrees