Has. Anyone linked their ks8 to iphone?

I just am not smart enough for all this … Smile
Thank you for any advice or help .

that link is not what I’m looking for ks8.0 are suppose to be
iPhone compatible. Cannot figure how to link them.
thanks for your advice :sunglasses::grimacing:

I’m wearing KS8T’s linked to my iPhone. Here’s an Apple support page:


After they’re linked to your phone, you can get the Connexx SmartDirect app from the app store and control more stuff (programs, directionality, etc.)

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Thank you VERY much for the link Greatly Appreciated Charlesc !

I also appreciate the link. Over the weekend I dropped my IPhone, cracking the screen, and had to migrate everything over to the replacement phone on Monday. In the process, I lost the connection between the iPhone and the KS8’s and couldn’t figure out how to restore it. Was planning to run by Costco tomorrow to find out what step I was missing. This link was perfect, and I’m now reconnected. Really missed the iPhone connectivity yesterday & today, and am glad to be back to normal operating conditions. You saved me a possible trip to Costco tomorrow which would have been time wasted.

They are up and running! thank you so much.

Settings > General > Accessiblity >Mifi Hearing Devices. Open and close the battery door and then select pair.

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