Has anyone here tried the Unitron Flex (try before you buy) program?

Dave just wrote up a piece about the Flex program… wondering if any of you purchased hearing aids this way?

I did it a sort of reverse way. I bought Moxi 600s that I could upgrade with Flex. Which gave me some experience with the different tech levels at a low price. I could keep trialing them indefinitely at the (highest) Pro Level if I wanted. My wife is wearing them now and she couldn’t tell the difference in her use between 600 and Pro. So when they started beeping because the trial period was up, I intended to change them back to 600. But that was just before dinner, and TrueFit seemed to be telling me I’d need to copy her profile into a new one. I was probably missing something but the option to restart the trial was easier so I did that instead. BTW, the 6 week trial turned out to be more like 9 weeks. Maybe the aids can’t tell time? :slight_smile:

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Where did you find the FLEX code to unlock the technologies?

Didn’t need any codes. When I first tried it the trial upgrade options were grayed out. I reinstalled TruFit, updated it to the latest version, and then the upgrade option was available.

Thanks for the reply.
Which version of TrueFit do you have? I have and have no upgrade option.

Not sure because I just did a fresh Windows install and haven’t reinstalled TrueFit yet. Next time I boot to the old drive, or once I reinstall TrueFit, I’ll let you know. Meantime, check your PMs.

TrueFit on my PC says it has the latest update and it’s Version

Hi, I have found on the other forum one nice guy and he send me 3.x. install version and 4.x. copy/paste version. I copy/paste 4.x. version over 3.x. ver. and update the program so now i have ver. to.

Thank you for your concern.