Has anyone heard of Zounds hearing aids

Has anyone heard of or used Zounds hearing aids. I heard from another hearing aid group that it is a good digital hearing aid(can compare with analog hearing aid) which cost only $ 999 US (same as Cdn now). Please give some comment about Zounds.


never heard of them

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Yes, I have been checking into their website and signed up for newsletters, etc. It is an interesting concept and may be a winner (or perhaps be a little bit of snake oil.) I would love it to be real for all our sakes.

i just ssaw their website, i dont see anything out of the extraordinary
you can buy for 500 more per ear a phonak UNA which is a great instrument or a GO pro for a bit less i think…


tried them out and took back. people at store were licensed but not audi,foam tip on plastic tube gave feeling of plugged up, didnt like having to use remote to change setting for different environments, mike was suppose to be directional but didnt act like it, wanted to try another brand fit by a audi who carries many brands and has doctorate in audiology and has help my folks for longtime. his testing showed more severe loss than zounds test. am trying Resounds open fit azure 60. i like them! csn hear on phone which i couldnt with zounds.
paid 2000 for two zounds aids.when i took back found out they had raised to 2500 for two. she said one reason was that people thought too cheap at $999per ear peobably not very good. this was also my thought.

audi spent lot of time going over advatages/disadvantages of various brand and models. the one i got give me a lot of flexibility should my hearing continue to worsen, as i will be able to convert to a bte with the soft rubber molded device to put in ear. paid 4000 for both but feel worth the money. 60 day trial vs 30 for zounds

here in phoenix the comercials went up from $999 to $1299. and their itc looks like some thing from the old star treck, it sticks out a lot.:eek:


I would stick to the known brands

Oticon, Widex, Phonak, Resound, siemens or starkey…

this are the mayor brands, personally i like

Phonak Una, Oticon Tego, Resound Pixel, Widex bravisiomo, etc


We just got some junk mail yesterday about Zounds. A new store opened up in a mall near us. They advertised $999 per ear. From the ad, it appears that they only have two types of aides. Zounds fishy to me.:slight_smile:

I have been wearing a pair of Oticon Syncro hearing aids for several years. I have had numberous problems with them including, corroded batteries, broken battery doors, the need for constant “tweeking” by my audiologist and for the last six months sever feedback problems with one of the instruments.

I received the mailing from Zounds and after the last round of solutions to the feedback problem didn’t work I decided to go in and see what Zounds had to offer. The price did seem to be too good to be true.

I was finally able to get into the local Zounds office on December 30, 2007. They tested my hearing, programmed a couple of mini BHE units and I have been wearing them ever since. They are great!! I hear much better with them than with the Oticons. There is NO feedback issues with them at all. I can listen to music at any volume, go to church and really enjoy the music now where before I would get whistling when the organ or instruments hit various notes.

This past Saturday, my wife and I went out to a restaurant for breakfast. The place was very crowded and noisy but I was able to not only hear but understand every word my wife said. Something not possible with the Oticons.

I really like the remote control which allows me to adjust the program to the enviornment I’m in like, “dining,” “party,” or “music.” I can also adjust the volume level in each ear for meetings or tv and if I want, change the bass or treble ends of the spectrum also. However, most of the time I leave the hearing aids in their original program states. The frequency range of the Zounds is much broader than the Oticon units and the speaker is in the ear canal. It took a little getting used to the foam sleeves in my ear but I found that if I push them in and then pull them out just a bit they are very comfortable. Most of the time I don’t even realize they are in my ears except I can hear.

Another feature that I really like is the rechargable batteries sealed inside the unit. Every night I just place the aids and the remote in the charger and they are ready to go in the morning.

So, if you are shopping for hearing aids, give Zounds a try. They may work for you also.

I personally dont like to fit sincros
i Prefer tego or tego pro

I had ask many of my clients (sincro users) to try the tego and most pf them
prefer them…

I had fantastic results with the tego…

One of the people that works for me got a pair a few months ago and says they work fairly well. He did say that he needs to carry his remote with him because they always seem to need to be re-dialed in as he put it. You can get them for around $2500. with remote and battery charger. They only have about 3 or four stores and I think they are all in AZ and this to me could be a major problem. I am still looking at two different HA’s manufactures but they are well known , Starkey and ReSound and I know if I am out of my area for a long period of time I can locate a dispenser in another town to try and help me. With the Sounds it is propriety and they are the only one who have programing etc.

if you are considering resound the new x-plorer should be
a good combnation of price and performance…

as it is a new (newer than starkeys mid price) it should be pack with more features for less price…

I tried Zounds hearing aids - first time I’d tried any aids at all - greatly improved my mild hearing loss but I couldn’t find a foam tip that would stay in my ear - kept coming out. Am currently looking for another brand - with a custom tip.

yes i have had them for a year,I have had aids for 10 years these are the best so far vcs miracle ear,audibel
1.replaceable tips soft rubber
2.adjustment to environment 4 setting using a mini 2"x3" controller you click it to adjust
3.an over the ear electronics with rechargeable battery

negative limited service locations in Mass only 2

I have worn Zounds BTH aids for 2 years now after wearing several other types. Some were mail order and some were top dollar ($3000 apiece).
I have been thrilled with the performance of my aids. And the rechargeable batteries are a bonus. I love the remote as opposed to fumbling with tiny knobs on some aids.

The only drawback that I see is the fragility of the links.

Although they only have 2 stores in Ma I have had great service by mail. They are usually returned within 2 days of my sending them in.

They filed for Bankruptcy a while back (2008 I think) and their service has gone downhill since; storefront closings, reduced hours and reduced staff have caused my inlaws BIG problems with servicing their two units here in Central Florida.

I have had one for 30 months,one body replaced 5 wires $50.00 when out of warranty.I would never buy again.Wish I had know before hand.live and learn…

:slight_smile: The hearing aids satisfy me terrifically. They are great on the phone, with TV and in any kind of group or individual situation. The little remote control permits me to change it in a restaurant, church, quiet place or just turn them off without touching the aids. Very cool. Furthermore, no more batteries, just a great charger -18 hours for a charge. It takes 8 hours to charge-wouldn’t mind if that improved. I particularly like the fit. The foam covers over the receiver in the ear last a long time and keep the aids unplugged - no wax problem. I kind of do a very light damp wipe and the foam covers last a month or more. They are inexpensive. Service is outstanding. This is the first company that didn’t charge me for stuff left and right. I’m hoping they come out with a Bluetooth/wiFi gizmo. I wish they had more stores. They need to advertise more. If I need service - check up - I mail them in - one at a time. Itakes a day or two. They do overnight express. Well, that’s all I can think to say. Blessings. Pax, Anne