Has anyone heard of shipping delays for new aids

We shut on Monday. I made the decision Sunday on the back of and article that stated that two ENT consultants had contracted CV-19 through normal consulting work.

The risk is that even in full PPE with wax removal you create aerosol particles, plus the inherent person to person transfer. It was obvious on Friday that a significant number of clients were’t taking the social distancing/cleanliness measures seriously either. That meant that I or my staff could become a vector and that means I can’t do my job or run the business in safety.

Since Tuesday we’ve been observing strict distancing rules, gloves and hygiene because my partner has Asthma. I’ve also been washing the contact points on the cars, exterior handles and steps to the front door with a ‘clinical liquid’ solution - like the one we use for our ultrasonic cleaning of earmoulds.


No I can’t plan a little further. This is America

Boy I certainly seem to get myself in trouble on this forum. But how long can you hide in your house before people start going crazy? And shame on people who think it’s okay to let other people go out on their behalf an risk exposure. But I guess that’s the way it’s always been.

I don’t understand what you mean here. My best interprettation is “This is America, land of the free, I get to do what I want and live how I want and need not consider others.” But that can’t be right.

Walk me through your logic here, too. The risk is direct and indirect human contact. From where I’m standing, if 200 people shop in the grocery store every day then they are all potentially exposed to each other and the grocer is exposed constantly. If the grocer delivers things to everyone’s trunk, then no one is exposed to anyone. Who is taking risk on whose behalf?


Your concept of America seems to mix up freedom with selfishness. I can see trump closed the border. But don’t worry we’ll eventual pull your country out of the fire. And as usual no one will say thank you

It’s hard to imagine how much fire fighting you plan to do from inside the fire you’re trying to pour fuel on.
You might want to look carefully at the rapidly changing and grim stats. US now has the most active virus cases of any country. The trajectory is a fact that cannot be changed by ill-considered opinion or bluster. Exactly what are your qualifications for disputing your own experts’ advice anyway?

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For the benefit of those affected by the shutdown, let’s keep this discussion on-topic and civil.


I’m not au-fait with the political leanings of your news stations, but this CNN report on New York makes pretty grim reading: 'That's when all hell broke loose': Coronavirus patients overwhelm US hospitals - CNN

Maybe we could move this out of the “Hearing Aids” category? Somewhat in jest, somewhat in seriousness, perhaps we could have an “anti-social” category to complement the social one?


The key if you live out side of the cities like me is to get out of the house and go to the trails and walk, it keeps me sane. Not doing anything is foolesh. There are tons of exercises that can be done and still keep your distance. Well, unless you live within a high rise apartment complex.

I ordered a Phonak Roger 18 receiver and that been held back. I now won’t get it until the end of April.

I agree with you completely about getting out. Especially as the weather gets nicer.

Unfortunately Chicago has just announced that long walks and bike riding is prohibited

Just to get back on track, do I think the virus will delay hearing aids. Yes. I don’t see how it couldn’t. Like I’ve said I’ve been waiting for an update to the app myphonak for the naida marvels I’m trialing. First they said 10 days then 2 weeks and now they’re saying 3 more weeks. I’m assuming that has to do with the virus. I thought I read that phonak was trying to get by with a lot fewer employees

I shipped a pair of hearing aids from the USA to Croatia on February 2. Today, March 26 the guy in Croatia got an email from Croatia customs that the aids were there. With the virus AND they had an earthquake in Croatia too it amazes me the mail continues to reliably get delivered.


Usps, ups FedEx… Are kind of the unsung heroes in this so far amongst others. But I think the delays being referred to are from the manufacturers themselves and their ability to keep up with demand.

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I’d hate to be in a situation where someone’s HA’s died and due to virus crisis/business shutdowns hearing aids could not be repaired. My assumption right now is maybe half of all hearing aid dealers/audi’s are shutdown or not servicing customers. Not sure if that is due to state regulations or proximity issues or medical clinics (etc.) only addressing the virus crisis and other heath care critical issues. Obviously some medical facilities are overrun, but those who need “hearing aid” attention also have serious needs.

Always good to keep old hearings aids (if they work) since you never know when you might need them for an emergency backup.

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I sgree with you hold4triple. My audiogram continues to get worse with time, (Okay, I admit I am getting older.) but even my hearing aids from several years ago have had the programming updated to my most recent audiogram. They are not as good as my latest and greatest, but the would beat not having functional aids. It is a good reason to not abandon old aids.

I also use my older HAs when I am doing things that make me sweat. No use risking my best HAs just to mow the lawn or figure my tax liability.

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If your hearing aids die with no way to repair or replace your first reaction is total panic. Once the panic subsides you begin to realize that your only option is to deal with the best you can.

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If your tax liability is making you sweat that much you must be doing something wrong my friend. I got to use TurboTax free this year, that was nice. The bill wasn’t but eh. I hope one married couple enjoys their $2400 my wife and I more than contributed on their behalf, not that it’ll do much good long term.

And uh, hearing aid delay. Yep. :grinning:

That’s not my concept of America at all. It’s the one you seemed to be expressing. Which is why I was hoping for clarification.

Even inside the cities I agree that that is very important. For sanity. But also, the immune system is somewhat passive, as I understand it. It doesn’t work as well if your muscles aren’t pumping things around.


I’m moving on Neville. Stay healthy please.