Has anyone heard of Dual Dynamic Range Compression (DDRC)?

While perusing different hearing aid manufacturers other than the Big 6, I came across some that claimed to use Dual Dynamic Range Compression as opposed to Wide Dynamic Range Compression (which is the standard processing used in most hearing aids).

Has anyone heard of this? I’m not familiar with it at all. I know WDRC and I currently work with ADRO.

Thank you!

Can you name names? Google isn’t hitting.

The usual “wide” has two knees, one just above soft and one at loud. Maybe they count knees?

The next step past a simple compressor is separate compression for lows and highs. Allows less compromise with attack/release times.This was state of the art in radio broadcast, oh, 45 years ago. I have the impression that recent top-tier HA processors “can” compress each of 20 frequency bands separately (though probably linked with a big Slinky so bands don’t pop in and out).

If they are lower-tech makers, it may mean as much as Dual Exhaust on cars. You can put 1,000HP (and more) through a single exhaust, but dual pipes under the bumper lets everybody know you got a hot ride.

But if you got a link I will look at it.