Has anyone had experience using the new Google Live Transcribe app for your android phone?


Has anyone had experience using the new Google Live Transcribe app for you android phone?



Yes, me.
I’ve always used Google transcription services though, such as their own keyboard with any app. And very good it is too.



Thanks for your reply. Is there a charge for the app?



I have used it, and it is free. It is not perfect, just like any speech to text app, but it does well as extra help in some situations.

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I use it all the time particularly for doctor’s appointments and other one-on-one situations as my word recognition is very poor. Avoids many requests for repeats. Currently requires network connection for operation but supposedly the Q version of android will have onboard support. There is no charge for the app or its usage.

I just wish there were an equivalent service for transcribing incoming phone calls.



@jazzpete The Search function of the forum is very powerful, particularly if you click on OPTIONS after clicking on the Search icon. I use it all the time and find it very helpful in learning a lot about HA’s via the wealth of information this forum already contains.



I use it mostly for appointments, like aggie60. I find that it’s VERY impressive. Sometimes I have to convince the other party that I am not recording or saving the transcript and I’m am glad that this puts the other party at ease.

Also, as asked above, there are live caption apps for phones as well as actual phones that caption and have EQ settings to help one hear. I have CaptionCall.



Love your idea on the incoming phone calls.:+1::+1:



Have checked around and there are some paid services that apparently require justification or proof-of-need for use. May be some problem with wiretapping/privacy laws. Perhaps this deserves a new thread if anyone has any useful info.



On my land line I have Caption Call. It provides a free phone with captioning on calls I make and receive. You have to sign an agreement that states onle you will use the caption feature. This is, I believe, paid for and made possible by the ADA act. Works well. I have recently downloaded the free Google captioning app to my cell. Hope it works out well.



Yes, I have used it for church, radio & intercom. It works well when voices are pretty clear and loud enough for it to capture words. There are errors from time to time and it depends on how clear the person speaks. I think it is a great start and can picture this getting better in the future. It is worth keeping it in your android phone for when you really need it.



After reading this thread I downloaded and installed it. Works very well as far as I am concerned, but it seems to me that when first installed it worked on incoming phone calls as well as in-person. Now it does not work on phone calls.

Am I nuts, did I screw it up somehow, or did it never work on phone calls?

My wife says that when we tested it on phone calls, she called me but was in the same room, so maybe it was hearing her voice directly and not through the phone. I suppose that’s the explanation but curious if y’all have any thoughts on the matter.

Thanks in advance for your help.



I had my wife call from another room. It transcribed her portion of the conversation. I tried it in church yesterday to see if it could pick up the sermon but it did not. Apparently the pastor must’ve been too far away.



Crikey! That’s a good church if they’re serving salmon and pasta.
Isn’t that what you said?



Thanks jazzpete! Good data, even if it makes me more confused than ever.

…too bad it didn’t pick up the salmon…but no loss that the pasta was too far away…

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Good old auto correct strikes again. It was supposed to read “sermon”. Guess I have to do a better job of proofreading.



:joy: It does read Sermon. I was just joshin’ :wink:




You typed it correctly, proofreading was fine, and autocorrect did not get you (this time).

He was teasing about how we (HOH folks) often get the wrong meaning from spoken words, and I was just going along with his (pretty good) joke.

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No worries. No harm done. Just slow to get it, I guess.

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