Has anyone bought Smart 2 Jitterbug phone?

I’m searching out this brand of phone because someone recommend it.

But, does it do Bluetooth, does it stream for phone calls, is it limited or does it do what most phone do?


It has Bluetooth 4.2. It would likely stream to the Marvels or KS9’s. It appears to be a skin over Android.
I’m in Canada and so won’t bother to go into their plans. Would you buy it to use yourself on a carrier? Or use their service?
Never heard of them though. I would be more inclined to get a more proper Android on a more known manufacturer.

I’m sure you’ve found their site and this product page and this user guide.

I’m not into any fancy gadgets for my aids. It would be for myself and probably use their service once I delve into it more. Thanks

Z10user2 gave you an attachment about that phone. It has Bluetooth and is hearing aid compatible.

My mother and mother in law both have jitterbug phones and they are crap. Overpriced outdated and not designed for seniors like they claim.

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It has Bluetooth and is capable of streaming phonecalls. It’s a very basic smartphone. My suggestion: First, figure out what hearing aids you’re going to use a phone with. Then decide if you want to use an app with the hearing aids. Then look at compatible phones. If all you want is a phone and don’t care about an app, you could likely use a basic flipphone (not a smartphone) with Phonak Marvels. Phone/hearing aid compatibility is complicated. It would be preferable to try it out before you buy.