Has anyone bought hearing aids on line?

I am looking at the Phonak B-90 after trying the KS-7 and wonder if anyone has bought one online and what were their experiences>

There are a large number of members here who have bought online. Poke around, there’s a lot of good info available.

Below are the 3 online stores that I’m aware of:

BuyHear seems to have been mentioned a lot on this forum over the last year or so. Many people on this forum seem to have bought HAs from them and happy with them.

FactoryDirectHearing had been mentioned a few times and I’m aware of a couple of forum members who bought from them.

AudioMetrix’s owner is a recent forum member who recently started to participate here pretty actively. I think AudioMetrix mentioned here that they do have local stores as well (although I don’t know where). They also say that they’ll beat any price and that they’ve been around longer than the other 2 stores.

In general, I haven’t heard about any negative experience with online stores from this forum so far.

Then there are also internet outfits who have affiliation with local audis or HIS and will hook you up with a local audi in your area (if available) for testing and fitting, but the local audi is only doing the work on behalf of the internet place and you technically buy from the internet outfit and the pricing/negotiation or whatever is between you and the internet outfit.


I bought my first set of Naidas in 2011 from this online website.

I had my first set of starkey’s given to me 4 years ago. Since then I have bought 3 sets on ebay. My current Halo 1’s are perfect. However I did buy a “spare” set of my previous aids that had water damage and I did not test them in time to return them.

The trick to buying used hearing aids on ebay, and possibly new ones online elsewhere, is you MUST have an audiologist that is willing to test them for you, update the firmware, program them for you, and tweak them for you, at a reasonable price. These are quite rare in my area, finally found one but she is even a little grouchy about it.

I bought a pair of Signia Silks from buyhear.com. Very happy with their service.

Or you could do this part yourself. But you must be setup in advance with the required equipment and knowledge for that specific model hearing aid and whether it will fit your hearing loss. You also need to pay attention to things like receiver strength, and length, and dome style, and size.

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Because the industry is full of people that only care about making money.

If you get them from us, we will service them for free, for life.

@audiometrix_hearing Please stop advertising your services on this forum. If your customers provide feedback about your services we will not remove it, but I do not want this forum turning into a billboard for your or any other member’s own companies. Feel free to continue contributing to this forum, but if you continue to promote your business we will ban you. Thank you for understanding.


I can understand why you would say that. I have been coming on a little strong.

However, I do feel the community should know they have much better options.

What kind of limitations are you setting to what I can say? How do you decide what is an “advertisement”? My statement above was meant to vent my frustration with hearing aid distributors. Service should be free for life. You should want to help the patient.

Plus this is a thread about online hearing aids and all I said was service should be free.

Am I not allowed to tell people they can find service for less?

What if I dont mention our company, simply state facts? Even if they get them from our competition Buyhear or FactoryDirect dont the users need to know they can save that kind of money?

Isn’t that why we are here? Isnt this forum supposed to be what’s best for the patient?

When you buy online, how are you fitted? Hearing aids are more about just your audio gram. Some people like the highs sharper, or softer. My audi makes these adjustments real time when I am in his office.

Also, how do they fit the RITE reciever wire length or the dome size, or what if you want/need molds. I’m not sure how all that would happen if you are buying online.

I like the savings, but I’m curious about the above. Would love some info on how it all works.

Use common sense and don’t promote your business. We’ll create a special area of the forum and give any business a chance to explain their services in a structured way, using the same criteria. This will be the only place you can discuss your business, and you can update your post, within our required format, anytime you have an update to your services. Stay tuned.


You are pretty much on your own. I bought there and my ENT services them. MD’s have the oath and are more likely to service aids from another source. Some clinics will only service what they sell.

A lot of folks here are DIY with their own equipment to adjust aids for their audiogram.

Receivers and such are also available on ebay. Warranty only extends to original purchasers so you are on the hook for that to.

A copy of a recent hearing test is all an experienced programmer really needs. They dont need you there in person.

90% of patients wear wire length #2. If you need a longer or shorter wire, it’s swapped out at no charge. Domes, every size is provided. Dome size is personal preference. Molds, an at home impression kit is sent along with everything else.

Usually they program your HAs before they send them out to you. If you need further adjustments, they send you the programming device for you to hook up to then stay on the phone with you to walk you through the programming, or some has the ability to see and drive your screen through the internet on their end to do the programming adjustment for you while you sit and watch at home. The nice thing about this is that you can keep the programming device for a short while and go through several remote sessions like this with them until you’re satisfied before you have to return the programming device back to them. Some people, after they’ve gone through this process and know how things work, want to buy their own programming devices (around $200) so they can tweak things further later on if they want.

As for the physical fitting, they’re probably send you a variety of dome sizes and types so you can try and find the best fit for yourself if you don’t think the initial dome they recommend fits you well.

If you want custom molds, they’ll probably send you the kit to make the impression yourself and you’ll send them the impression and they’ll build the mold for you.

As for getting the correct wire length for the receiver, they’ll make the best guess on the correct wire length, but if they’re wrong then they’ll resend you new receivers with new wire length and you return the other receivers to them.

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Yes, I bought online some time ago. Good brand, good service from the seller. My problem was with the audiologist. Check carefully with the seller of the hearing aids: make sure they have a partnership with several fitters/adjustors near you. Make sure that you may change fitters/adjustors if you get someone who does not know what they are doing. Why do I say this?

I did buy good Phonak’s on line at an excellent price and good service. The online seller had agreements with a number of fitters/adjustors. Closest one to me was a 1.5 hour drive away. Very, very incompetent fitter, who had to call in the Phonak rep to fix a very bad adjustment. I cannot escape this fitter. The online seller has no agreements with anyone closer than 1.5 to 2 hours away.

Bottom line? Yes, I would buy online again with these conditions:

  1. the seller has several partnerships with several fitters near me.
  2. if I don’t get good service from my fitter, the seller will allow me to change fitters at no charge.
  3. there is the option to tele-fit or use the software to adjust the hearing aids myself
  4. the rep from the hearing aid company can be available to help/educate a fitter if necessary.

Good luck!

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Hi, I am a HAs diyer from China.
Since last year, more and more China’s HA user self-programming their hearing AIDS, there are also many people bought hearing aids from buyhear and Factorydirecthearing or other Britain, Denmark, China’s online stores, and self-programming it or pay an audiologist to buy a programming service.

I really appreciate all the good tips from everyone and yours is very helpful. I am looking at the Phonak B-90 Direct as I have trouble hearing my daughter and we speak often. I have an iphone and so does she, so we should be fine. It seems the problem with the online sellers who have you go to their audiologist is there is only one in my area that sells Phonak, the rest sell Starkey so I am going to have to do some looking.