Has anyone bought aids online from SNAP Hearing?

Hi folks,
Looking for info about SNAP hearing. Thinking of purchasing new HAs from them.


Purchasing aids online from anyone isn’t a good idea. Most audiology companies won’t program aids unless you purchase the aids from that company.
So if you intend to make the online purchase, ring around the audiology companies first. Just so you can have someone to program them for you.

What will you do when it comes to the online aids needing to be repaired?

If it was me I’d choose the company first. If it’s the cost your worried about give Costco a go. They have excellent aids for a very much cheaper price.

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Thanks Piper. The company I’m buying from does the initial programming and then 3/year. I’ve been doing self-programming for about 2 years now so I’m not too concerned about programming. My audiologist would definitely help me out if I ran into trouble. If they need to be repaired I just send them to the seller first and they send them to the manufacturer. A little more down time but I’m saving 33%.

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Following information about SNAP hearing.
So much technology now with regards to remote programming programming is not an issue. The only worry for me is not getting a REM.

Is the pricing shown on SNAP Hearing’s site per pair or for individual aids? I can’t find anything that clarifies that?

I was wondering if anyone has any information or review regarding SNAPhearing in Scottsdale, AZ?

Hi Eileen,
I just purchased a set of Phonak Paradise from Jeff at SNAP. He was very accommodating and answered all my questions (and I had a lot). Got them yesterday. He programmed them to my audiogram and sent them to me within a week of ordering from him. I haven’t had any remote programming done yet but so far I’m happy with the service as well as the price. As far as I understand, he’ll do 3 free remote programming sessions and after that it’s $35 per session.
Hope this helps,

I found out prices by talking directly to the owner. Worth the time IMO.

Pretty sure it’s per hearing aid.

The weird thing about this thread is the op seems to be able to answer all his own questions. I’m wondering if this is really nothing more than a deceitful sales pitch

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Actually it’s not. I can see why you might think that. My First post was asking if anybody had any experience with the company. I then decided to purchase from them and so far have been very satisfied. So when someone else asked about them I shared my experience. I have nothing to gain from these posts besides sharing info.

I am getting my HA next Friday from SNAP and Jeff was excellent with communications and the price was just great and I use my own audiologist for REM locally …therefore I should be absolutey delighted with my new Paradise 90RT devices. Thanks for your input and your clear communications…Hope we both have terrific experience ongoing!

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