Hard to get hearing aids out of KS10 case

I looked at my hearing aids today and noticed that my KS10s had slight scratches on the underside (the side with the blue/red markings). I suspect this is a result of how difficult they are to remove from the KS10 case; especially the left one. While the guide says to pull the aids towards you, and lift gently, invariably this requires more effort than that. If I’m having this issue as a younger person, I can’t imagine how older HA users are feeling.

Has anyone else had this issue/resolved it?

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I presume by “case” you mean the charger. I have 10’s (from May, 2021) that are a bit tight but not excessively so.

A couple times one of the aids (and once it was both) haven’t made good electrical contact and failed to fully charge. This was fixed by removing & reinserting them.