Hansaton Veneto XMini from Bidbybid

Hi all, i have just recieved a pair of Hansaton XMini Velvet aids from Bidbybid on Ebay,
Firstly i would like to say that i was a little miffed by my current company, as i was looking for a replacement for my broken Versata and this was settled via an insurance claim, i had to make all the running, to the point where i just wasnt getting replies, i had the money 2600 dollars with this companys name on it, and they still didnt get in touch, so i decided to go else where.
My thoughts started on ebay , having seen Bidbybid, i also saw the thread some time back, which had lots of concerns, of which at the time i shared, i had my eyes on the Veneto with tek device which is the Siemens 700 pure, not the latest tech but much better than mine, i phoned the company and spoke to Phillip, who was polite, courteous, never pushy and always very informative, unlike others i have met in this field, eventually i decided to go for it.
I now have the aids fitted to my latest audeo results and they are excellent, i dont feel i need any changes to the settings, i’m enjoying blue tooth capabilities, and the sound coming from my galaxy tab and using the phone on it is a bit of a revelation, and all for the price of 1 versata that i paid in the UK, and at the time i thought i was getting a good deal, i wont mention the company because thats not what this threads about.
What i would say is Phillip from Bibybid has really been a true proffesional, and very paitent with me with all my questions, and also had to wait for payment via a bank draft when i could’nt get paypal and my bank to work together (another story) and look at his feed back, it speaks for its self.
As i say i have just recieved these aids so still getting to grips, and being a long term user i never get too excited, but have a feeling these are going to be great.
I think in this world you pay your money and make your choices, and doubt now if i would go down the conventional route again, i just cannot justify the money we are charged in the UK and to get 2 high end hearing aids for 1200 Sterling is extremely questionable, and i know the argument for the audeologist, and i guess i took a risk and its paid off, good for Bidbybid, there should be a few more like him, no wonder why he’s getting a good share in this market :0)

I am confused. Did you get the Hansanton aid or the Siemens 700 aid ?

Who programmed your aids ?

Interesting story. I thought about doing that but went to Costco instead. I was pretty sure I would need some adjustments.

So if you have to have adjustments are they willing to do it for you or would you have someone local do it on a pay for session basis?

Hansaton is a Siemens brand? So the model you bought is similar to the Pure?

Hi Glucas, i went for the hansaton which is effectivley is the siemens pure 700 under hansaton name, and Bidbybid set the aids up according to my last audeo test results.

Don, any adjustments they would do, they offer 3 year manufacturers warranty, and they also are at the end of a phone, as far as i’m concerned there are no risks.