Hansaton Hearing Aids

My audi(a reputable local solo practitioner) has suggested bilateral Hansaton Velvets. Evidently, Hansaton, a German firm with ties to Siemens (though not owned by them) is trying to break into the U.S. market and is offering the above for $2,500 for the pair during February. My audi says that on price alone I should try these and, if I don’t like them I can return them and use the entire purchase price to get something else.

My guess is that Hansaton is a pretty good brand and that this would be a no-lose situation. However, I’m curious if anyone out there has any info/opinion on Hansaton.

Appreciate any input.


True it has ties to siemens, but it does not have siemens techn. for the money you would be able to buy better- perhaps rexton (which has more value and tecnology) also
with siemens ties. Or perhaps bernafon or unitron. All value companies

As Director of Audiology at Hansaton Acoustics USA, let me clarify the relationship between Hansaton and Siemens. Hansaton is pleased to have a technology sharing agreement with Siemens Hearing Instruments. The level of digital technology in the two companies is equivalent and excellent. Some of the details of technology implementation differ, and some products and features available from one company may not be available from the other. Some company policies and services may also differ. Both manufacturers have a long and successful history of offering top-notch instruments to serve hard-of-hearing people, and you can expect to achieve very good products and services from either. Hansaton has produced and sold hearing instruments around the globe for 52 years and is proud now to be offering our products to the US market.

Thanks for that Jerry.

I was at EUHA, and the similarity between Hansaton and Siemens products confused me.

Velvet is old technology. You need to go with Auriga which is the same as Siemens Pure 701 and we have them on eBay with Bluetooth remote system for $2,599.00

Thank you


Hansaton is Siemens

Not true

Hansaton, Miracle Ear, Rexton etc… are Siemens and exactly the same insides. This is comming from a person who designed most of the hearing aids for this industry. They all have same chip which is made by OnSemiconductor company in Texas.