Hands free with iPhone


What hearing aid would you recommend using with an iphone 6 that is hands-free?I use an iPhone 10 hours per day and must type and talk at the same time. Right now I am using plantronics Bluetooth without my hearing aid. Do I have only two choices - clip-on or some sort of bluetooth headset that fits over the hearing aid?


I have the Oticon Opn. I can use it hands free with my iPhone 8, but if you’re typing then I wouldn’t recommend this because I tend to lay the phone on the desk and keyboard clacking is very apparent to callers. I tried using the ConnectClip, but callers complained I didn’t sound clear. If you wear a shirt with a front pocket then you can lay the phone in the pocket upside down and this seems to work well for me. Resound and their PhoneClip+ may be a better option based on some other user reviews if hands free/talking and typing is your main concern.


I use a case on iphone6 by ZEROCHROMA – hands free – with my Oticon OPN1 aids. I sit it on the side of my laptop – talk and type. No one has complained. The hinged stand swivels 360 degrees. I also have one for my iPad. My OPN1 stream flawlessly to the iPhone 6 (no drops, clicking, or poor connections).


Mago: Do you use a connect clip as well?


Abarsabni: Thank you. I need the steamer apparently for the typing and talking. I laughed about your clicking complaints. I had the same ones with just the halo. If I use the streamer only in my office, can I “disconnect” when I am not in the office and just use the hearing aids?


No need for connect clip - the OPN’s are MFI – the iPhone streams directly to your aids and you speak into the iPhone. The stand allows the iPhone to be positioned toward your mouth. iPhone upside down in a shirt pocket works also, except for the inconvenience of phone being in the pocket.


Mago, thank you! I was considering purchasing a flexible coil tube and making a platform to hold the iPhone in front of my mouth. This is a more attractive solution.


I have Phonak Bolero HA’s with a Phonak Compilot 2. This streams to both ears equally and is hands free after pressing the button to answer and hang up the call. I have iPhone 8 I leave it in my pocket then operate all calls from the streamer.


Food for thought…If you spend 10 hours a day talking on the phone, you might be better off sticking with the Plantronics.
Every Plantronic headset I’ve owned sounded better on both ends than any of the three sets of hearing aids I’ve had.
I’m fortunate in that my newest Plantronics earpiece can be worn WITH my RIC hearing aids in place, and little to no discomfort, which gives me the bonus of smooth phone conversations and hearing aids for the rest of the world at the same time. But, if I did not have that option, I would keep one hearing aid in my pocket for the ten hours I’d spend on the phone.
I’ve been a Plantronics user for 25 years, and my current $200 headset is far superior in quality of sound both to me and to the caller, and it also announces incoming calls and allows me to verbally accept or deny the call. My Resound Fortes make a nice backup system for times when I don’t have my earpiece with me! :slight_smile:

My previous set of hearing aids (Siemens) required a remote streamer for hands free phone conversations, which drew lots of complaints from callers and would not run 10 hours of continuous streaming on a charge.

Didn’t really answer your question, but in my own case, trying to find a better or more convenient solution to a similar issue turned out to be a step in the wrong direction.


Thanks for the observation. My current Halo is too large for the plantronics to rest securely on it. But perhaps other hearing aids would allow it to rest above my hearing aid. I love my Plantronics. Used them for years and they have outstanding quality. I was using them without the hearing aid but have noticed that voices have become more difficult to hear. Hence the perceived need for a streamer.


My wife uses an Audibel, which is made by Starkey and there are equivalent Starkey branded models. They have two solutions available.

Most of their “regular” like of hearing aids will work in conjunction with a device they sell called the Surflink Mobile. This is a small control box that acts as a remote control for the phone. It also can act as a remote microphone that streams to the hearing aid AND also can act to connect a bluetooth phone, like an iPhone or most other mobile phones, and connects your hearing aid to the phone. It works pretty good once connected.

The other solution they offer is a line of hearing aids that connect directly to most iPhones. This includes all iPhones from the iPhone 6 or newer. These work better for connecting to the iPhone that the other models, and also allow the iPhone to work as a remote for the hearing aid.

I think that other major companies have models with similar functions.


I’m here with my 2 cents. That’s all I can offer since I’ve only been wearing my HAs for 2 days. :slight_smile:

I have Costco KS8 and iphone 6. I LOVE handsfree straight into my ears! I do not like to talk on phone, and I’ve tried different wired and wireless headsets/phones, but it has always been awkward. Most often I would use handsfree in my car, but I recently traded to a 2012 crv and haven’t been able to pair my sprint/iphone6 with it. Now, I’m handsfree again – with phone in my lap and sound straight into my head. :slight_smile:

Best wishes.


any one have problem of low volume in one ear while streaming from iphone?


@gremlinperson: Posts like yours are extremely encouraging. I’ve been missing the ability to hear phone calls in both ears with my Phonaks since one of the devices stopped working several months ago. Remembering to keep the transmitter charged was problematic, and as you mentioned it was awkward to use having around my neck, especially in public. The idea of just being able to link directly to the iPhone is one of those things I’m very much anticipating. Its the ultimate hands-free. KS8’s are on order. Only two more days until my fitting - can’t wait!


Moccasin: when you are using the Plantronics, would it be interpreted as not using hearing aid n one ear? I wonder if that affects hearing in the sense that many say when one starts losing hearing, a hearing aid should be used. I used my Plantronics for 4 more years because it was the only thing that worked welll enough. But my hearing loss increased. Maybe not related. But just a thought.


moccasin & Kem103: My experience is exactly opposite of moccasin’s. I make and receive phone calls for business purposes, and some involve challenging circumstances (e.g., connected to a speakerphone in a conference room with multiple participants). For the last few years I had been using a Plantronics binaural (i.e., both ears) headset fed from a Plantronics amplifier connected to a landline phone. When my audiologist discussed the mobile phone pairing of the current generation HAs, I was sure that that would be inferior to my landline setup. But I was wrong. I now make and try to receive all business calls with my iPhone 7 paired with my Oticon OPN 1 HAs. The audio clarity (not just volume) and my ability to hear and understand is far superior to my landline setup. I either hold the phone or lay it somewhere so that the microphone is somewhere near the proximity of my mouth, and no one has complained that they can’t hear me clearly. Not sure what the setup should be if I was doing loud typing, but I suspect putting phone in my shirt pocket with microphone end up would work fine.


Kem, my Plantronics earpiece is an earbud style which does not require (but comes with an optional) an over the ear holder. It’s soft silicone earbud slips into the outer ear, and does not interfere with my Receiver-in-the-canal Resound. I use open tips with these hearing aids, so I hear the earpiece naturally through the holes in the hearing aid tip. So, yes, I wear the hearing aid AND the Voyager earpiece at the same time.

I also do this with a TV listening device. I use a Williams Sound receiver and transmitter setup which allows the use of a single standard earbud, and it too just slips in the outer ear.

This certainly won’t work for everybody, but for me and my open tip, behind the ear, RIC hearing aids, it’s a perfect setup.


moccasin thanks for the clarification. I didn’t read your earlier post closely enough to get that you use earpiece and HAs at the same time. I didn’t use HAs with my amplified binaural headset, so my setup isn’t comparable to your setup. And so perhaps my experience that my OPNs paired to my iPhone provide far superior sound quality isn’t exactly the opposite of your experience.


Th problem with the direct to iPhone stream is that it relies on the iPhone mic. So for the manufacturers that offer streamers for android phones…those streamers get sound to the aids and have microphones in them too.

Just wanted to point this out…those phone streamers can generally be used with any Bluetooth source. So you can skype with your PC…etc and so on


I use the Plantronics Voyager Focus headset which is an on the ears type headset. It fits on easily if you have CIC hearing aids.

When I switched over to the OPN RIC type hearing aids, I simply put the body of the OPN inside my ear “well” then I just put the headset over it. As long as I have the feedback manager turned on to prevent feedback, this solution works well for me.