Hair length and HA's


I have a set of Audeo S Smart IX’s on the way. Someone said the hair (over the ears) would surely make them more descrete, but that the hair
would rub on them and make all kinds of unwanted noise. I’ve had my hair like this for a long time, and I’m really not self consious about people seeing them, SOOOOOOOOOO…should I get a haircut?


I have had my hair over my HA’s for a short time until I had it cut after not relay liking it longer, but I never had any problem with the hair rubbing and making noise. I would try the HA’s with longer hair first and see what you think. It’s no problem cutting the hair after if that’s what you feel you need.


In addition, if your hair causes problems with feedback excessive noise, let your fitting specialist know.


Thanks for the info. I may just “clean up” a bit and opt for a bright color!


I have very long hair that does help hide the RICs. For the first few days I noticed my hair brushing against the HAs and making sounds, but then I filtered it out and don’t notice anymore. It’s not bothersome at all.


I appreciate your input. Many out there are probably thinking I’m embarrassed about wearing hearing aids…used to be in that frame of mind, but now that I need them I don’t think that way at all. Some people think contact lenses take away the “stigma” of poor eyesight, but by far, glasses are worn and not viewed as anything but normal.
I plan on wearing the HA’s, glasses, and my pants up to the normal waistline!
That is what happens with the advance of age!


Great attitude! I teach high school, and my students think my high tech hearing devices are very cool.


I alternate throughout the year between crewcuts and long, shaggy hair. My hair was getting pretty shaggy when I got my first-ever HA’s and now that I just got a haircut with the sides clipped with a #2 razor, I find my HA’s a bit less restricted in movement. My tentative conclusion is shaggy hair helps keep the pods in place for RITE (RIC) HA’s.