Hair hides HA

If your hair hides your HA, then do people know of your hearing loss and use of HA? Just wondering how you handle this situation…l

I’ve always waited until I heard the person speaking… if I felt that I was going to have the slightest problem, i would just say, “Just so you know, I am hearing-impaired, wear hearing aids, and lip read.” About 1 time in 10, I would get the moron who felt that they had to suddenly speak very s l o w l y and LOUDLY. Sigh. Still, being upfront certainly is better in the long run.

Chances are if you are wearing hearing aids then people are noticing that you’re not hearing everything that’s being said. If your aids are hidden because of your hair then they probably just think you’re an idiot.:rolleyes:

Exactly, Hask! Or unfriendly! I was surprised when I attended one of my first HS reunions and so many people commented on how nice I was, not “stuck-up like way back then”… heh, back then I hid my hearing aids all those years with long fluffy hair and never told anyone I couldn’t hear them. So when I never responded to people saying “hey” in the halls, they thought I was unfriendly. Sigh. What a waste. These days no one gives a hoot, and I see teens wearing aids in the brightest loudest colors ever!

When I got my first pair of hearing aids, I didn’t care if they could be seen or not. My audi recommended BTE aids, which was fine with me. I have long thick hair so nobody could ever tell I was wearing hearing aids. I decided to try orange ear molds, thinking that people would see them and realize that I was hearing impaired. It didn’t seem to work that way. Even if people noticed that my ears were orange, they didn’t seem to put it together that I was wearing hearing aids. I finally gave up on the orange ear molds. Now I have RITE aids that are nearly invisible. I don’t usually tell people that I am hearing impaired, unless I think I’m going to have a significant problem, or the person is someone that is likely to remain in my life for a while.

You make a legitimate point StrayKatt, people don’t notice their hand in front of their face, which is why I keep my hair short and wear silver aids, but even then people don’t always notice. I think the point here is that there are many people out there that are selfconcious of their aids and that they do things to try to cover up their aids like using their hair to hide them. Unfortunately the only ones they are fooling are themselves.

I have worked in my office for the past 11 years and no one knows I wear hearing aids. I have shoulder length hair which hides my ears but never felt the need to tell anyone.

Around my family and friends, I wear my hair up once in a while and it has never been a big deal to me or them if they saw my big, bulky in-the-canal hearing aid. To me, the biggest ordeal has been when we go on vacation to the beach or swimming and I always have to secure them somewhere and then I can’t hear very well without them.

Now that I have the RIC aids, I completely forget I am even wearing them sometimes until I encounter feedback when I go to hug someone or something like that. I wish the would have had the RIC aids when I began wearing them in my 20’s!! :slight_smile: :cool:

Why do you cover them up at work? And are you certain that no one at work has noticed that you have a problem hearing?

I am female but with short hair which I tuck behind my ears. I have Epoq XWs and they are not particularly small.

I make no effort to hide my aids, but it is very rare for anyone to notice I am wearing them unless I point it out, & I only point it out if I am having problems hearing like in a noisy environment.

The most likely person to notice without your telling them is a fellow HA user. I now notice tubes or wires because I know what I am looking at.

For non-wearers, the thing they notice and almost always ask about is the Streamer I wear around my neck because they all assume it is a new apple ipod model and want to know where I got it.

That’s interesting


I never intentionally cover them up, I just always wear my hair down at work.

Yes, I am certain that no one knows I wear a hearing aid. I would tell my co-workers if I thought it mattered but never had a reason to. I also use a CPAP machine for sleep apnea but never brought it up with people at work.

One of the young guys in my office wears a pacemaker. I only know that because he told me for insurance reasons. He told me that only the Owner knows and he doesn’t go around telling people.

There’s no reason for you to know an individual wears a pacemaker, but people who wear hearing aids usually do not go back to normal hearing, and some type of loss is still apparent. The way to resolve it would be to ask one of your coworkers if they notice you to have any kind of loss. Maybe you’re an exception to the rule.