Had my Costco's hearing test today!

I finally had my hearing test today, I had mixed feelings due to it being so long after my last test 6-7 years.

The testing whilst not as in depth as I’m used to was pretty quick instead of a single tone it consisted of 2 beeps per frequency, and mainly involved a button click. My issue was the headphones themselves slid down quite a bit and didn’t sit flush where causing me to hold them up usually I’ve had a nice tight fit. I also had bone conduction test done as well his was problematic as my tester couldn’t get it to sit or stay in place it ended up sliding into my ear or off my head, I actually asked if they had smaller ones or if it could be adjusted with no luck (I have a funny shaped head I guess.)

After testing and a few questions about my hearing loss i was advised that phonak brio 3 R with a Power receiver would suit me best to aid speech clarity, Maureen my Senior Hearing Fitter was a bit torn on whether to order RICs or BTEs so she called phonak up and talked through the losses, this was only due to me being on the border for both RICs and BTE I could use both but wanted to try RICs. She said if these didn’t suit I can return them with a refund and go with a BTE instead. Whilst I’m happy with the choice I was a bit dissapointed I wasn’t able to demo any hearing aids despite being told that would be included in the 1.5 hour appointment I’m unsure if this was due to my loss levals or just due to no demos being available.

My fitting appointment is in 11 days due to having custom molds made, if I’d just had RICs with domes it would have been a 7 day wait. I will update with initial thoughts and get my audiogram I did ask twice today and it was either forgotton amidst calls or ignored.

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Glad you’re on the road to better hearing.

What brand of hearing aids have you been wearing.

I’m a big fan of Phonak hearing aids. :smile:

@Zebras my current brand is oticon they were NHS supplied spirit zest p bte’s they just hit the 8 year mark, I’ve had phonak in the past though it’s been years so I can’t really remember how they were I liked then but loved the oticon barring constant feedback. I’m hoping the new hearing aids don’t do this there is nothing worse than turning my head or just eating and whistling away.

Oh wow, your NHS Oticon HAs have lasted well.

Hopefully you won’t get much feedback with your new Phonak HAs.

Looks like you found a great fitter. Hope you are overjoyed with the results.

@Zebras that’s about average for me usually I get 5-8 years with each new hearing aid unless they are upgraded. Getting 8 years out of these was a real push they should’ve been replaced about 2 years ago with wear and tear issues. But they hung on I don’t be think they would’ve lasted till next year

@KenP My fitter during tests was thorough only problem I had during the whole hearing test was not due to anything she did wrong. Headphones were as small as she could make them and the only other issue was with the little protector for mould impressions was very uncomfortable it was either sat right on my eardrum or it was due to a tooth issue that had flared up just two days before my appointment. Nuttiest part is I understood her perfectly the whole time without my HA in during testing but I hated the Speech recognition test for some reason the mechanical Speech pattern for me was difficult and gave me a 80% WRS vs my usual 90% when a person does it. I hope the fitting goes well I’m excited to get the new hearing aids!

I wear Signature 5, now approaching 4 years old. I purchased them mainly on price, and think they have worked okay. Speech recognition and noisy environments are a problem. However, often I ask someone else what was said and often they didn’t get it either… could be they too need haring aids. To the subject, the Costco testing didn’t sound very good to me. Best I can recall we had a good headphone fit and in addition to the tone hearing I had word recognition… or am I not remembering correctly?? I have also had a VA audiologist hearing test done about two years ago. I gave that result to Costco and some minor changes were made to my aids settings. I am considering going back soon to ask for a hearing test and a trial on the Signature 8 hearing aids. I have never considered the higher priced aids. The little reading I’ve done here suggests there is a difference between brands, and of course between hearing test accuracy. Guess Costco will let me trial and I may ask for a new test and trial of Signature 8, soon. Welcome any advice on why poster on this thread didn’t mention the lower cost store-brand, Signature.

@Jerry_NJ for me I can’t say about the KS8s I wanted to demo those as well as phonaks but unfortunately didn’t get to demo any hearing aids on my trip so after Friday next week I’ll be posting initial thoughts on the Brio 3s. I had a budget of 3k added that I’ve had good experiences with phonaks in the past and a in-depth chat with my tester on brands I’ve used swung the decision towards phonak vs ks8. There are quite a few members trialing the KS8s and some have had good experiences some find them ok and others have simply upgraded, It’s truly dependant on personal experience.

I didn’t expect the absalutely top notch testing of usual private Audi’s it is on par with the budget type setting those who are new to hearing loss and testing wouldn’t really notice but after a lifetime of hearing tests I personally could tell the difference. I’ve since learned the pain I experienced on the impression for molds was in fact caused by a wisdom tooth erupting on that side I had a Dental check-up yesterday, after wondering why I felt like I’d been sucker punched for a week despite no ear infection.