HA tubing

I use thick HAtubing about 3.4mm OD. I have to change this every three to fourweeks, because it becomes hard at the end just in the ear. As it agesmy hearing gets worse.

I am looking for analternative, and there is a Stay Dry tubing available. But I cannotfind out if it will stay flexible for longer than the standardtubing.

Has anyone hadexperience with this please?

I don’t know if the material the tubing is made of is different, but I just changed my thin tubing for the second time in almost 2 years. So each set lasted about 9-10 months. The only reason I changed was the retention piece lost it’s spring and wasn’t keeping tension inside my ear. The tube itself seemed ok.

My old aids used tubes and they lasted longer than yours. I got the from lloyd’s online.

Thin tubing is made out of a much harder plastic (possibly polythene). Having to change normal tubing every 3-4 weeks is excessive though. It should last at least that many months without over hardening, unless it’s being heated. I’d try a different supplier and find something that lasts a bit longer tbh.

Thanks for thereplies.

I can get them fromthe hospital, but perhaps only four at a time. I also get a build upof moisture which often blocks the tube which I think is made of PVC.

If the Stay Drytubing is not PVC, it may be the answer if I can find out anythingabout it.

Try these people. They may be of help.


Thanks adianup.

Justgot some Stay Dry tubing from HAB Digital Hearing Care uk. Will betrying it out soon.

@member68 Hi John, how long is your stay dry tubing lasting?

I’ve just change to this tubing and I’m wondering if it last longer as the tubing seems to be made out of different material.

Hi Zebras.

The first I tried lasted almost a year, before it broke. So I now change is every six months.

I got my new Nathos UP’s March 14th. I get about 15 days from the 675 batteries.

Unfortunately, they have not made much difference to the distortion, and I have lost the clarity with the TV loop, after having a very bad cold a few weeks ago.

I was told the right HA was a little too loud, so that has been sorted, and I don’t really notice much difference now I have adjusted to it.

I had an appointment for April 11th which has been cancelled. But I don’t think anything more can be done, although the audiologist has written to Addenbrookes to query assessment for a CI. I don’t think this will happen, as I have the wrong sort of loss. But it’s worth a try, as my hearing is now much worse.

I will keep you posted…

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Sorry to hear that the UPs have improved things for you.

At least you get longer life with the batteries and also you’ve now got Sound Recover 2 as well to try.

Thanks for letting me know about how long the tubing lasts. I’ve set a reminder to change it every 6 months. The tubing is more expensive but so worth it. My ears aren’t as wet now which is nice.

I use the thick tubing from Costco and change it every 6 to 7 mo. I wear the Phonak Naída Bro UP with the 675 battery. I get 19 to 20 days wearing them 16/17 hrs. a day with maybe 1 hr of streaming watchind TV.

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I use to wear the Brio UP as well. I’ve since had surgery on my ears so don’t wear UP hearing aids anymore.