HA selection

My first set of HA were the Berafon Swiss Ears that I purchased about 3 years ago and no longer can provide the gain that I currently require. These HA used the ‘Channel Free Signal Processing’ that I found to be very natural and comfortable. Recently I applied for hearing aids through the Veteran’s Administration and they fitted me with a pair of Starkey Series II that have the receiver in the ear. The sound I receive is very hard and unnatural unlike my previous Berafons. I’m considering returning these Starkeys and have them reorder a set of Octicon Epoqs that are part of the Bernafon family and hoping that they still continue to use the same Channel Free Signalling Process along with other newer features.
My hearing loss is moderate to severe in the high frequencies.
I would appreciate any comments/recomendations on this issue before taking action.

To the best of my knowledge Bernafon Verete is their new high powered no channel model. Ed

I received the Phonak Exelias through the VA. I have tinnitus that I can always hear but do not always notice. I have the high frequency loss. These are great, though sometimes I have to turn them down as I seem to be annoyed by the screeching in some situations. At my desk I turn them down to muffle the keyboard noise. So far they have added the FM receiver and SmartLink, the myPilot remote control, and the iCom. I like technology. It is nice to be driving or walking along and the Bluetooth cell phone rings, I touch the button and have a very clear connection both hearing and speaking. I can also have my iPod Touch talking to me through its Bluetooth. With the Smart Link I can wander almost to the mail box, 1/2 a block away, and still listen to my HD radio through the FM link.

If you have a Costco close by, they sell Bernafon Verite. I have been very happy with mine and the price was very reasonable

Might be worth the trip…

Good luck on your search.