Ha Has Tinnitus

I just picked up my new HA yesterday and I called the audi this morning complaining of a very annoying white noise, static, waterfall sound coming from both HA.
The audi had me come in and he worked with the computer program for over an hour but it didn’t solve the problem. He told me this is normal and I 'd get used it, is this how all the HA are ? He said its like a light bulb makes noise and so do HA’s. OH what a relief to take them off and not hear that loud waterfall sound.
I would like to know how long it took all of you HA users to get used to this static and are there HA’s that do it less.
I have my own tinnitus that I have had to deal with for the last 5 years and I just can’t see paying over 4 grand to buy some more tinnitus - its to bad cause I can hear much better with the aids.
Right now the HA’s are sitting in their nice little box and I am pretty upset about this.

Does the hearing aid have expansion?
What aid, what hearing loss do you have?

Talk to your Audi about neuromonics, I heard it really helps!


This is an article from neuromonics, While i have not seen the products I know someone who had great success with it.
It maybe worth a try …

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Hi and thank you for responding.
I am very new to HA’s. My ENT has been telling me for two years to go and get one. I love that I can hear so much better with these aids, I didn’t realize how exhausted I have been from straining to hear and also I I yell when I talk and my voice is so much softer now. ( this alone is worth getting HA to my friends!)
I am still having the issue of the white noise, its ruining the whole thing for me.
I can’t see anything for the audie to do different then he did on Thursday. He told me I 'd get used to it but I can’t- I have the HA’s in right now and they are just hissing away and its so annoying ( this is not my ears its the HA’s doing this). I guess the one plus is I can’t hear my own ears ringing and buzzing over the HA’s noise.

I don’t know if my HA’s have “expansion” I bought GN Resound Metrix Mini BTE ( MX60-DI ) does that tell you anything?
I have mild to moderate hearing loss… I guess… I don’t know how to read the copy of the test that my ENT gave me, the audie didn’t give me a copy of my test.
I just know I can’t hear my cats purring, people talking, cat almost drowned in the hot tub and I was very close by and didn’t hear him screaming.
I have the tv volume up to 25 most times and my husband likes it at 15.
I appreciate any help you can give me, I don’t know what to do. I have a appointment on Tues. with the audie who got me the HA"s. What do I ask or tell him?
Thank you for the info on neuromonics- this is very interesting and I am definitely going to research this, to bad it would help the HA’s!
Again thank you !

Dear LongJohn

I know GN well, in fact I have their fitting software in My PC,
and yes it has expansion. The problem is that Other than the GN’s Azure
you are given the amount of gain needed to compensate for your hearing right away. Some people feel overwheel. Metrix have a rationale for first time user which provides more confort, you can always ask for a bit less gain and in a follow up visit you could have it tweek again…
Metrix have the Onboard analizer, so your audi will be able to gather info such as number of hours used, etc etc… So this will be helpfull to him/her

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Yes the guy that sold me the HA did hook up the HA’s to the computer and he saw the info you wrote about, # of hours used and other stuff. He called the GN company and they told him what to do and what he did made it worse. We kept adjusting things on the computer and then he’d have me go into the sound booth and try out 4 different programs ( I think that is what you call them, I pushed a button and and changed the channel from one to four. None of the different channels sounded any better. It all sounds like a waterfall, or strong hissing. We did this for over an hour and then he said this how its going to be and I 'd get used to it.

I don’t think I am feeling overwhelmed, I love hearing everything, even the tin foil coming off my brownies sounded good. I just love hearing everything- nothing has bothered me, EXCEPT this rushing waterfall, hissing sound coming from the HA.This noise interferes with me hearing the TV and my husband talking, I have to hear up and above the HA waterfall noise. When I take the HA off my ears can’t hear, it feels like something is plugging them up. I do love that the hissing is gone but my ears feel like they have something plugging them up and I feel even more deaf.
I hate to have the guy spend hours trying again to fix the noise only to tell me I have to live with it- which I can’t and won’t do. Maybe I am just not ready for HA’s… maybe I need to be more deaf so I won’t hear this waterfall/white noise that the HA makes.
I am confused and I am not happy cause I spent months looking into HA’s. I saw no posts where people have complained of their HA making a sound, so it must just be me and I think I should wait until I can’t hear more. I do appreciate all the posters in this forum and like I said it must just be me, I am expecting to much and I have read that a lot of people do that… so I shall wait a couple of years and try again.
Thank you all so much for you help.

I know GN has Remote support, @ least in the UK they do where someone can program the aid for your audi… I would recomend to try Azure from GN,
which is also a high end hearing aid which should cost about the same as the metrix. Azure has the acceptance manager which should help you to get used to the sounds better…
The programs are suppose to work for spefici listening needs. example, music where the hearing aid is optimize for this experience.
In my x# years, it is my experience that most people do not switch the aid at all.

Azure has also a remote control (not completely sure), but it can be bought with a dry box (very good idea) and it blue tooth compatible with a jabra accesory, while it look big I heard it real good


The Azure, which I just demo’ed, does not have a remote control. Nor are the bluetooth option and rechargeable battery setup available here in the US.

Hey I was wondering what you all think of the remote…
I told the HA salesman that I wanted a remote on my first visit but he said they are a total waste and that is “old school” Now if I had to switch the channels like he said I am suppose to do,( one channel is for at home one is for restaurants and he said he could set up one for listening to the birds), I would want a remote if I am to switch the channels all the time. I want to be discrete in the restaurant and putting my hands up to the top of my ears and pressing down is pretty obvious. But then one of you said that in your years of experience you have found people don’t switch the hearing aid to the different channels, so if that is the case why have a remote? Also I thought the HA had some kind of memory? I guess mine doesn’t.
Well I wore the HA’s all day and I just took them off and I gotta tell you having the rushing white noise outta my ear is wonderful. I know for sure I can’t do this HA and if they all have make this noise I can’t do any HA. I just told my husband the noise sounds like one of the old reel movie things- Its like this HA has a thing in it going around and around.
Its loud and I can’t hear anything over the noise from the HA- what’s up with that?

My comment regarding the change of the programs, my comment is biased because most of the aids I have fitted did not had the remote control option.
So Many people just dont switch the programs @ all- with the newer aids
with the auto-tele hopefully we should see a change in the trend…

I think even if you dont buy the remote control upfront, the option is important. Having the posibility of such function is good. What make sense for one person does not make sense for another… So for example
for someone who is retired might not make sense Vs someone who is working
and have a lot of meetings…

While it is desirable to have an instrument which did not needed
any manual ajustments. Sometimes, the hearing aid needs to be optimize for a particular listening need. For example, Music. Perhaps when you think of a remote control you immeditaly relate to your TV, but for example Phonak makes very clever remote control disguised into a Watch or a key ring.
They are very cool looking to!

So for example if you play with your keys, noone will think you are turning volume up or down right? Some companies dont offer remote controls @ all
Oticon just introduce one remote control for its Epoq, and I hope they consider this as it is a good idea.Again, Phonak has done a great job as far as taking remote controls to the next level…

I have seen the Blue tooth option for the azure, but it looks big.
My friend in the UK told me it is about 10cms when it is inserted in the BTE
so IT is BIG

Perhaps you ought to consider another instrument… Perhaps Azure in the same brand, or other instruments in other brands. There are a lot of choices, pick something you have good local support and make sure you get some sort of fitting validation such as REM. I would very much suggest something with some sort of acceptance manager…


Hi xbulder,
Yeah I asked about those same two things you mentioned, the key fob and the watch and the guy told me those were old school and basically he said they were stupid. See I just don’t see how that can be … he wants me to use 4 different channels and wants me to reach up to both ears and push a button.
I did this in the mirror and I look totally stupid… I want that key thing if I am to keep these aids. I go in Tues. to see him and I am going to tell him “thank you for all the time and effort you put into this but at this time I want to return the HA’s…I don’t like the white noise and I want a remote.
and I may just wait for another year and get HA’s then.”

I am not using the aids today- I worn them all day yesterday and when I took them off last night it was so wonderful to not have that roaring noise in my ears.

I am new to HA’s too. My thoughts on your situation, would be to go to a different Audiologist (or whatever) and try a completely different brand. My Audiologist (here in Cincinnati) will get me any brand and I can try it for 30 days. If not satisfied, I can then try a different brand for whatever the price adjustment and have another 30 day go at it till I am satisfied. If I decide to bow out of the HA situation altogether it will only cost me $150 for the experiences. You could have defective HA’s. Or, for whatever reason, A different brand might relieve the problem. Maybe your Audiologist is new to his trade and not very good. Just some thoughts to think about.

Do you have any idea how much this treatment might cost? Since i doubt my Insurance would cover it and would really like to try it out.

What is an expansion of a HA? Also what can be added in a HA expansion? I have an Epoq and have flat hearing loss around the 45 line on both ears. Plus i have constant tinnitus.

i think in the upper 5000 it is a novel thing… from a 1 product company from the ausies

let me make a simple explanation, some heairing aids have an internal noise…
expansion is used to elinate that internal noise… Expansion is not a new thing, i know resound have it as a feature yuo can turn them on and off
but others like oticon have it on all its digital aids (call softsquelch)

expansion is relevant only when you good audibilityu in the lower range…

First of all thanks for your reply xbulder…

upper 5k :eek: … lets hope insurance can cover some of it. I am trying to find some sort of therapy,treatment anything really to help bring down the noise level of my tinnitus. I feel as if it really adds to the hearing loss since on the days it decides to quite down i can actually hear a bit…

Didnt really get the whole expansion bit, but will try reading more bout it…

thanks a bunch…