HA fitting with audi and Phonak rep

I just returned my Unitron Yuu moxis as I was having a lot of trouble on the phone. They did not always switch to t-coil and when I attached a magnet to the receiver as suggested they would switch in and out of t-coil through my telephone conversation. I will now by trying my third HA.

Audi now suggest trying Phonak Savia, Exelia or Audeo and wants to set up an apt with myself a rep from Phonak and the audi for demo and fitting. I have never had a fitting with a rep there and do not know what to expect. It sounds like this could be to my advantage as the rep would be able to answer any quesitons. Do they bring samples of different model HAs to view and try? I would appreciate any feedback from anyone who has had a fitting with rep present. :o

As a matter of fact, I had a session on Thursday with my audeologist and a representative from Resound. I was there to get a demonstration of the Dot 30’s. The Resound representative was able to answer specific technical questions about the Dot 30’s that my audiologist may or may not have been able to answer. Having the factory representative at the session was a big plus as far as I was concerned. I still haven’t decided whether or not the Dot 30’s represent a large enough improvement over what I already have to justify their expense, but the session was, at least, very interesting to me.

About a month ago I had a fitting for the Naida with my audi and a Phonak Rep. I know this was very helpful for my audi because she had never worked with a Naida before. It was also helpful for me because I was able to get the programming that was right for me, right from the get go. Between the two of them I ended up with very well programmed aids that I am totally satisfied with (for the most part). It was a good experience and the Phonak rep was great. I don’t think it is something to be nervous about.