HA Beta Testing

Does anyone know how one can become a beta tester for new hearing aids?

move close to denmark… you might get lucky and test for oticon, GN or Widex

All of this companies do from time to time advertise for test users, so move to Denmark actually move to the Copenhagen area. The companies lay within a half hour driving from each other :slight_smile:

Probably need to move to Minnesota to be a beta tester for Starkey. We get enough snow here in Pennsylvania.

I do live in Minnesota and I have participated in several Starkey studies. My most recent was with the new Sweep technology. They have asked me to pass along to my friends that they are always looking for people for these studies and focus groups. I stumbled upon this when I had emailed a comment to an audiology researcher about a published paper he had written - he emailed back that he worked for Starkey and asked if I was interested in field trials and gave me a contact number. It has been a great way to learn more about my hearing loss and how different instruments can help. Usually the studies are 4-8 weeks long and require wearing the instruments daily and a 1-2 hour lab commitment every 2 weeks. One bonus is getting comprehensive hearing tests every 6 months. If you have a manufacturer nearby, I wouldn’t hesitate to give them a call! Steve


Sorry to get off topic but you mentioned testing the Starkey sweep technology. I am a long term Starkey owner who trying to choose between a Starkey S9, S11 or Oticon Vigo, which I am currently road testing.

How do you like the Starkey?


kloda - I believe the hearing aids I tested were the top line S models. The sweep was a very cool feature - a little learning curve to get the proper hand movement, but after a day or two it was very simple and effective. It is much easier to operate than a button and has both volume and program built-in. Very user friendly.

As far as the hearing aids performance, they were exceptional. I had no problems with speech in noisy situations - the best that I have experienced. These were BTE with a full ear mold. They definitely had the horsepower to get gain levels up compared to my 5 year old Widex Senso Divas. No feedback whatsoever.

There were other people in the study that had either the thin tube or receiver in canal. I am not sure exactly what options Starkey has. I was just assigned the full mold, I think because that is what I currently wore. It would have been interesting trying out a more open fit.

Given all that however, I am looking to replace the Widex and I am currently looking for something with Bluetooth and receiver in canal. The bluetooth because I am a gadget guy and the thin wire for the look. I think the Phonak Smart IX may be my next hearing aids.