H11 680 earhook vs H11 for phonak naida paradise UP hearing aids?

Which one is the default one coming with hearing aids?
There are gain differences between the two

Software needs to be told which one you’re using and then will make the appropriate settings.

Have a play around with software and try it out for yourself as everyone copes with different things. We can’t say which one is best.

Default is the one on your Aids?

Here in UK it’s HE11 680.

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Mine is below but I dont know which one

Ah that’s the HE11 680.

HE11 is one without white filter.

Thanks. I guess the white filter reduces or prevents moisture?

Yes but sometimes they get blocked (no sound) with moisture. I’ve never had an issue but a lot have.

Your old Aids used the same hooks.

Yes, they did. Moisture is a big problem to avoid

Actually it’s a damper as well for acoustics.

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Tenkan is right. It’s not a filter it’s a damper for acoustics

Do you say that it doesn’t help with moisture?

I believe it does have some moisture issues, but how exactly I’m not sure, most likely plugs up more easily?

Where do you buy these?