Ok, going to be real honest here.

Has anyone here suffered from guilt about their hearing?
Have you ever wondered if maybe you just needed to try harder to hear?
Maybe I am being a big baby about it?
Is my hearing really bad enough to ask my spouse to spend x amount of dollars on an aid? Is that fair?
Ugh, I want to hear better but I am plagued with doubts.
Sometimes I don’t understand what was said and ask them to repeat what they said only to suddenly understand what was said, like my brain took a moment to catch up? Am I just not paying enough attention?
I like the Tv LOUD.
I like it when no one is home but me so I can crank up the volume all I want.
Have I just spent to much time alone?

Self doubt or I want to much?

Would you ask your wife not to buy crutches if she needed them???

Seriously consider trying hearing aids at the audi’s office. If you like the results try them for 30 days. Most offices offer some type of 30 day or longer trial.

Thanks, this is not always easy. I go from ’ I cant hear unless you talk loud, or I cant hear if you are not looking at me, I am sick of it. To maybe I need to put my big girl panties on and just deal with it…
I think I am ready to bite the bullet so to speak and get aid/s.
It will be a couple of months yet until we get the $. I will share the new audi exam results as they may differ.
Sorry for the rant but it was nice to finely say what I really feel!
Thanks for * listening*

I think that your spouse will suffer more from having a partner who can’t hear than the cost of hearing aids. Not being able to hear severely diminishes not only your own quality of life, but if greatly affects those around you as well.

Many insurances cover a certain amount towards them so you can look into it. Also check out Costco and Hearing Revolutions ( ) for lower cost alternatives to good hearing aids. Hearing is a major life sense and no one should ever go without it if they have the chance to remedy it.

The left ear clearly indicates that you need hearing aids. Families budget for major expenses and plan for the future accordingly. Studies have shown that not correcting a major loss can negatively affect mental processes. Would you want him to have them under such circumstances? You’ll say yes, I’m sure. Marriage is a two way street. There should be no guilt or resentment here.

Thanks Ken, I needed to hear that.

guess i have been married too long never thought of money as my money or her money just our money… guilt about ‘asking’ your hubby for him to buy you a needed medical device is odd to say the least.

I could of had a great vacation for what I spent on hearing aids. I got the aids for me and for my wife. Life isn’t much fun if you can’t participate. And the aids are for the people that feel you are an important part of their life. Hearing loss is kind of funny. Everyone seems to wrestle with do I need hearing aids? Can I do without them? When you can’t see, you get glasses or contact lenses. Not much doubt or debate about the need for correction when you have problems with your vision. Getting hearing aids is a greater emotional event than getting glasses. Now that I have had hearing aids for awhile, there is no doubt that I needed them (I had my doubts), and my life is better with them. I have not liked social situations much. Now that I can hear what is happening, social events are much more fun. Should you have guilt? Nope. Life happens and unfortunately you need a hearing aid, possibly two. It will improve your life and your spouse’s life. You will probably be amazed at what you haven’t been hearing. If you are amazed, then you made the right decision.

Thank you so much for all the feedback, this forum makes you feel less alone in this situation.
I love the thought of being able to hear at church, not avoiding one because I only hear a portion of what is being said.
I love the thought of not needing to sit next to the speaker at a meeting so I can hear what is being said.
I love the thought of not constantly saying ‘what’ or I cant hear you.
I appreciate that you are helping me feel like its ok. I didn’t want this it just happened.
This forum is great, keep it up!

maybe some professional help… assuming youre not another troll.

Jake, you were doing so well! Don’t go back to being Jakey, please!

kenny where have all the broken that you became bff with go… really, if her posts are real she has bigger problems then hearings aids. walking around afraid to ask her husband to buy her hearing aids. wonder what else she has to ask before doing. then the whole list of her problems.

We all have our worries. Some seems strange to others. But worries are worries, regardless. A bit of empathy for others often lets them get to a more comfortable place. Criticizing that is counter productive.

Her posting is quite real and I am happy we’re online friends. With your more interesting and helpful posts of late, I am almost ready to BFF you. Oh goodness; did I just say that?

For one time I have to really agree with Doc Jake. It is never about my money or my wife’s money it is about our money and how to best spend it. And we have always made sure we have food on the table and we take care of our health. And hearing health is also very important to our over all health.

I just got my hearing aids a few months ago. My wife and I were planning a big vacation this year as it will be my 60th birthday at the end of the year and it is also our 25th anniversary. Then we found out I needed hearing aids. We are taking a smaller vacation in a few weeks. The big vacation is is now on the back burner for at least a year. Health is always the priority.

We will be watching our spending and nix the vacation too. I now hope to have aids in the next two/two and a half months.
I hope to get a response on my Kc question to help out.
Thanks so much for your input :slight_smile:

Btw I am NOT a troll!

Um, ever hear of closed caption? Not a criticism, i realize the other day that I don’t use this feature enough.

Cookie, don’t let Jakey bother you. He’s called everyone here a troll at some point. Sadly, he’s just a nasty, old man at time. This is his fourth incarnation here. His old logons were banned.

well shit kenny why dont you help her… send her a few bucks… or maybe our resident ebay specialist can pick up something from ebay and program them for her. i bet if she got a job at costco she would even get a discount. gotta run my golf league starts at 5 lucky i can just walk over.