Guidance needed

I have given below my audiogram results. I am trying the above mentioned HAs. Novasense is $1000 and HI $1368. I am not able to decide which one functions better for me. I need HAs mainly when I go for a group meeting with family friends (small groups of 10 to 15). I have been having this condition and the audiogram results for more than 10 years and have tried and given up on many aids during this time including Audicus Canto for the past 3 years.

Any tips as to how to decide between the two (HI and unitron Novasense)?

I have about 2 weeks to decide.

250 500 1k 1.5k 2k 3k 4k 6k 8k
L 55 70 50 30 20 25 40 55 60
R 65 65 40 30 25 25 40 55 60

dB HL % dB HL dB HL dB HL
L 45 80 55 55 75
R 50 80 55 55 75

You can enter your audiogram on this forum and attach it to your profile. It makes it easier for us read your hearing loss. Here is a guide: YouTube

I only have experience with Phonak hearing aids. I like them.

However any aid is personal, and you might not even find one that works great for you.

Is it possible to describe further what your issues are? Is it the physical fit? Occlusion? The sound quality? Tinny sound?

The situation you describe is a hard one. Any hearing aid have slightly different solutions for understanding speech in noisy environments with several people. Usually this situation would require a higher than basic level of technology.

I know that Phonak and Unitron share the same parent company Sonova, meaning that their technology is very similar. The unitrons also lets you try different technology levels.

Do did get a test with words? If so what are you Word Recognition Scores? Both the percentage and the level in dB. You must be able to seperate words from noise, in order to gain anything from amplification. If they are low you might even require further help, such as the roger pen.

Bear in mind that I’m no prof, with only my own experience to take from, and the knowleage I’ve gained from this YouTube channel, hearing aids websites, my own hearing loss experience and this forum. I hope you can use this for something. I wish you luck in finding a solution that works for you.

I would encourage you to wear them all day, every day so your brain adjusts to hearing those sounds. You may be doing that already, but you implied you used them for only some situations.

Here are my word recognition scores:
dB HL % dB HL dB HL dB HL
L 45 80 55 55 75
R 50 80 55 55 75

I have problem understanding under conversations the follwing

  1. In the dining area of friends’ house, with ac/fan and sometimes TV going on
  2. When there is cross talk
  3. When there is background music in you tube lectures, TV shows etc.
  4. In a big hall like the yoga clas halls with a/c and sometimes music on, I have trouble understanding the instructor and the small talk between the members of the group.
  5. To listen to telephone from strangers, I find I hear better with the phone speaker pressed against my ear without the HA than with the HA.

I keep wearing the aids all the time.

I saw that in your original post. However it might just be me, but I’m having trouble reading it. To be sure

it means you have a 45 dB volume of the words with 80% correct for the left ear, and the same for the right ear only its at 50 dB volume instead of 45? Not sure what all the 55 and 75 is about. Again it might just be me.

Do you use/have different programs on the hearing aid, or just “Automatic”/Default all the time?

My guess would be that those numbers are bone conduction results. The longer list just above would then be the standard air conduction.

I do not quite understand these scores; I just copied what I found in the audiology report. To break down:
SRT Left ear dB HL 45 ;
SRT Right ear dB HL 50;

WRS/SRS 1 L: % 80 dB HL 55
WRS/SRS 1 R: % 80 dB HL 55

MCL L: dB HL 55
MCL R: dB HL 55

UCL L: dB HL 75
UCL R: dB HL 75

Thanks for the youtube video link. I am reviewing those videos.

Okay, then.

Still not sure exactly how to help you, but if you don’t mind i have a few more questions:

  • Do you feel like you hear better with the hearing aids? Do they improve your hearing in any way at all?
  • Have you been seeing you audiologist regularly to get adjustments based on your experience with the aids?
  • What exact models of Hearing Aids are you using/trying now?

If i understand the score correctly you can still understand words good enough for hearing aids to improve your hearing. I’ll partially repeat myself: Try different brands, see if something works better, try higher technology levels, you might need the extra clarity/noise dampening that the higher technology leves can provide. Even if you can’t afford it, you’ll know what to look out for. Also check if you have a Costco nearby. You might be able to get help there, and try some other options (They have Signia/GN Resound/Phonak both directly/unlocked and as rebranded Costco HA’s - maybe even more).

Again as always I hope this might help you.

I’ve found this topic for you: Audicus Canto vs Costco Rexton Trax 42

I’ve read the beginning of it, i think It’ll be useful for you to read it, or at least some of it.

Thank you for the link on Audicus vs Rexton.