Group conversation with speakerphone

I have profound hearing loss, and had to work hard considerably with various hearing aid experimentation , and come to the right hearing aid suitable for my marketing job. I have been able to improve conversation during customer visits, meetings & mobile calls. Nowadays I am using Phonak Naida V30 UP with compilot 2, with DSL fitting formula and it seems to be ok.I do my own adjustment.

However the only area am not able to improve is during group conversation with speakerphones. Can you suggest how to improve? Is there any specific hearing aid program or device suitable for speakerphone concalls. It becomes embrassaing when I have to ask my team to explain what is being asked in speaker phone. I have tried using the Phonak Partner Mic device, but it wasn’t useful. Such meetings are sudden, unprepared and I cant really attach any device to it. Can you suggest any improvement?

First: I think you’ve done great dealing with a very significant hearing loss. I had one thought for possibly dealing with the speaker phone issue. Have you tried Android’s “Live Transcribe” app?
Have no idea if it would be beneficial, but it’s a thought. Not sure what options are if you use an iPhone. To clarify. If you had android phone with Live Transcribe on it, all you’d need to do is open the app and it would start transcribing the speaker phone conversation.


This is multiple people in a room with a speakerphone, talking to another group of people who are using a speakerphone??

Maybe the audio can be routed to a better speaker system?

I really haven’t seen that type of setup in many years. We use Webex for all meetings and each person accesses it from their office. I use Bluetooth to connect to my office phone.