New member here. It took me only two registration attempts, two messages to admin, and two days to get approved. Plus, I had to count cats and identify an unpopular foreign politician.

This post is to say hello, and it is also a test. If it works, I will make a nice audiogram for my sig.


Welcome! Sorry things are so challenging to sign up.

I wish they have a nice and standard way to input your audiogram here. The tabs don’t seem to work well so everyone is left to their own design. I’m sure it wasted a lot of people’s time. Sure wasted a lot of my time.

Sorry, don’t mean to be a downer on a new member. Just wanted to warn you that tabs don’t work when you build your audiogram. Welcome!

^^^^ LOL! The truth. I ended up just “copy” and “pasting” someone else’s audiogram (say … it looks just like YOURS!), then keying in my own dismal numbers. But you’re right - the alignment is off. Ah well, so am I. Cock-eyed and gimpy.

Freddy: WELCOME ABOARD! You have one final test here: Name that unpopular politician you hadda identify! Aw, just kidding. Hope you find the GOLD MINE of info I have in the few short months I’ve been here since discovering this board.

Thanks, guys.

New test, this time with audiogram.

BTW, thanks for the laugh. Unless you know the answer, you may never guess who the guy was, because there are so many unpopular politicians.


I’m getting the impression this forum is under siege by certain self-interest groups. Is my suspicion correct?

Your audiogram is looking very spiffy! Nice alignment, too! :slight_smile:

P’haps knowing where you hail from would be a hint … cuz you are right, there are “unpopular” politicians all over the place, in which case, the key word “foreign” could not apply to the guy I had in mind!

We have an “interesting” cast. Variety is the spice of life, right?

You have to be verrrrry clever to figure out where I’m from.

Most here are end users with prejudices toward the product they bought. There are a number of audiologist/fitters that are more helpful.

Out in the real world, many fitters develop prejudices that can be based on the fitting software they are familiar with.

Use common sense in figuring out your requirements and issues needing a solution.