Great fitting at Exceptional Hearing in AZ


Found this audiology provider through Hearing Tracker. She is amazing. Bent over backwards to get a comfortsble fit and adjustments. I have now had my Phonak Bi-CROS for 2 hours and feel like a kid Christmas morning. Is it worth it to me to drive 1 1/2 hours each way? You betcha!
The owner wears HAs herself so she gets it. The name of the office “exceptional” really fits.
Putting my old Resound Versos on the shelf as back up for the side that isn’t deaf. Yippee!



Did she do REM for you?



I am going back in a couple of days when she will do REM and fine tune as needed. Right now I’m hearing better than with Versos that were tweaked with REM 2 weeks ago. Am keeping detailed notes on enviroment etc. Bi-Cros is a big change. After 1 1/2 hours it was enough for 1 day. Unlimited visits for a year as needed



Is that “Exceptional Hearing Care” on Warner Rd in Phoenix??



Fantastic news! Excited for you.



I’ve used her service when I got my OPN 1 back in 2016. She did indeed provide very good service. She didn’t know very much about the OPN at the time because it was fairly new and I was the first paitent she fitted it with (beside her trying it out for herself), but she was willing to bring in an Oticon sales rep to help her out in one of the fittings. Unfortunately, the Oticon sales rep wasn’t very helpful anyway, but that’s not her fault. She also did call Oticon technical support for help on the spot when I had questions about the OPN that she couldn’t answer.

One time I was overseas for a long time and my right receiver went bad, and she was willing to go through the trouble of shipping the replacement receiver overseas to me (I covered the shipping cost).

The only thing I found lacking was that she didn’t do REM on me. Never even mentioned about REM when she fitted me. Later, when I asked her about REM (after I learned about it from this forum) why she didn’t do it for my fitting, she said that if a patient seems to be successful with the fitting, she doesn’t see the need to do REM because based on her experience, modern hearing aids seem to be on point in terms of their performance to target for the most part. But if the patient seems to have issues with the fitting, then she does REM to rule out that issue (of the hearing aid not performing to target).