Great Bargain buying hearing aids online?

Just wondering, I find that prices at to be
very good. By looking at the website, It looks professional. Is it recommended? Because I could save over 50% off from where I’m located.

Once I used Regular Siemens Acuris, and then upgraded to Acuris Life. Now I’m using Phonak Savia Art CRT.

Thanks in Advance.

i would make sure to get proper care…

as a rule, i would say you get more than the product…


I would agree. In my opinion 60-80% of success with a hearing aid is based on the experience and expertise of the person fitting it and 20%-40% is the device itself.

As you may know, most professionals set their customer’s aids using the manufacturer’s first fit software. This is an automatic computer program. The professional just enters the audiogram and experience level, and age of the hard of hearing person.

Tweaking is where the experience of the fitter counts.

So if the hard of hearing person has a simple mild loss the first fit probably will be very close to the max. But for severe or profound losses, the fitter must be an expert to get good results. Ed

First fit, is generally a good start every good fitter knows that what the actual performance of an aid differs from what the fitting programs says,
So the minium you do is perform a real ear measurement to verify…
Often time you re adjust the aids to match the target…

And of course I am going to recommend the hearing aids from here. I sent them my audiogram and an O.K. from my physician. They did preset them at their place before shipping them to me. I got the hearing aids, a programmer, software and everything I needed. I called them with questions and they walked me thru doing the minor adjustments myself, in my home, using my own laptop. I saved a ton and I hear well and am very satisfied.

Good luck.

Tweaking is also a term for being on meth, but I digress :rolleyes:

You’re right Ed. It takes more than just running a best fit to program an aid.

I have never once accepted the default factory settings on a new fit.

The thing that scares me about online stuff is how much hearing aids are needing to be calibrated in the ear these days.

The Destiny 1600 for example has three different processes that require the aid to be physically in the patient’s ear before they can be carried out. If you purchased these aids online, you are going to have to take them somewhere to have this done, or the settings will not be right.

The three settings are:

  1. Feedback calibration. Without this, the aids will be more prone to feedback issues.

  2. Real ear calibration. This is one of the major selling points for a 1600. It actually measures the acoustic properties of the patient’s ear.

  3. Self Check. The aid checks the function of the mic and receiver to ensure that it is performing to specifications. If this is not calibrated, this feature won’t work properly.