Gray Domes?

I went to Costco and had a hearing retest plus I needed some new domes and wax guards etc. I was given gray domes and I didn’t think much of it until I went to clean my HA’s this morning. I’ve never had gray domes before and unlike the black ones it’s hard to see the wax. This may seem silly but why in the world would they make gray domes? What were they thinking?

From my understanding domes are available in different colors. But I’m surprised the color of the domes wasn’t discussed with you beforehand

It was discussed, the gray was all they had.

Well if it really bothers you, you can have domes made elsewhere, in what you might feel is a more suitable color

That’s interesting, I actually have the black domes and I don’t like them. I would rather have clear domes! But if there was a choice in color, I wasn’t given one.

Domes are universal. They can be bought online.
Ear moulds are made elsewhere if you go to another audiologist.

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Thanks for the replies, I did see they are for sale on line and I might just do that. No it is not all that bothersome I just liked the contrast of the wax on the black domes, it made it easy to see to brush it off. In fact the top of the domes are lighter and the color of wax. I had to get out a magnifying glass to see well enough to see if I got it off. No big deal I’ll deal with it. I was just surprised at the gray domes. Any color would do but not gray.

That you zebra for the correction as always. I think we were discussing the color, although the op says it’s really isn’t that important. Nothing like being corrected when your just trying to he helpful.