Got the ComPilot today but it's so quiet

Got the ComPilot today and it is so quiet that I can only just hear it when there is no background noise.

Turned my aids up, my phone up and the ComPilot volume up and I can only just hear it.

Is there anything in the software that could turn the volume up? If there isn’t, I will ask my Audi to turn my aid microphones off.

Also it didn’t come with a audio cable and my Audi said he couldn’t order one which I think is stupid!!

Can an Audi here tell me exactly how to turn my aids microphone off when on a call coz I’ve read on here from users that some Audi say the microphones can’t be turned off when other people say it can.


I believe it’s a setting that has to be changed within the Target software - you can’t do it on your own…not 100% sure about that though…I do so few ComPilots.

There is a balance setting though in the ComPilot/HA software where you can change how much sound is coming from the ComPilot vs. the mics in the HA’s.

As far as an audio cable. That can honestly be purchased anywhere. Might cost about $5.

Thanks DocAudio.

After reading the manual, it’s says you can have 4 automatic program’s which I guess won’t have anything to do with my automatic on my aid.

It’s says 2 Bluetooth
1 Audio Input
1 FM Receiver

Going to see if the gain can be higher on these program’s without disturbing my aids settings.

Audi raised the phone program by 80db but it also raised my HAs mics altho he has lowered them by 7db. It needs to be more as in the house, ComPilot is great. In town, I have to try and hear even more due to the background noise.

It’s quite hard to hear on the phone anyway without having to listen to background noise. I’m going to get him to lower HAs mic a lot more as well and then the ComPilot should work well for me.

I have Audeo V’s and the mics can be shut off completely when streaming. It can only be set by audiologist. Also they can set the starting volume of the hearing aids when streaming.